Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders

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First Entrepreneur by Edward G. Lengel

The First Entrepreneur
Edward Lengel portrays a side of Washington that is frequently referenced in other books, but not explored to degree of the First Entrepreneur.

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October 30, 2016   No Comments

A Draught of Sewage

In the most recent Claremont Review of Books I stumbled upon reference to the following adage from Schopenhauer’s Law of Entropy.

If you put a spoonful of wine in a barrel full of sewage, you get sewage. If you put

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July 9, 2016   3 Comments

Trump vs Clinton: And the winner is…

A conservative columnist whom I hold in high esteem recently wrote a column in which the headline referred to deciding between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as a Hobson’s Choice. Well, the only Hobson I’m familiar with is Butch Hobson, …

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May 25, 2016   4 Comments

ISIS is not just for the religious anymore

According to CNSNews, Secretary of State John Kerry said recently that religion does not necessarily play a role in turning some Muslims into radical Islamic terrorists. This makes sense since President Obama claims that ISIS is not Islamic. This despite …

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May 2, 2016   No Comments

Good Profit How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies By Charles G. Koch

Good Profit
Entrepreneurs, present and future, will certainly benefit by reading this book. But as this reader attempted to communicate, Good Profits merits a wider audience. It is an erudite, persuasive and at times humorous rebuttal of the left’s fallacious claims to moral superiority.

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April 27, 2016   No Comments

Black songs matter!

If one is white one cannot sing Rihanna’s song “Umbrella” because one is, um, white. To do so would cause a microagression, or something.

According to Fox News’s Todd Starnes, a female student of the Caucasian persuasion was told in …

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April 18, 2016   1 Comment

Do the wave or the terrorist win

President Barack Obama is nothing if not predictable. Following the recent terror attacks in Brussels, he did what almost any president would do – he took in a baseball game with his new BFF, Cuban dictator Raul Castro, at Havana’s …

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March 30, 2016   2 Comments

The GOP Establishment’s Dilemma

July, 2015:

Phil, a long-time Republican campaign consultant, fundraiser and all-around big deal establishment type discusses the potential 2016 presidential field over the phone with Jack, a big-time GOP contributor.

Phil: Hello, Jack.

Jack: I’ve been expecting your …

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March 16, 2016   2 Comments

A constitutional right to what?

“There is also a constitutional right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness…”

Hillary Clinton

Huh? Where to even start with this statement by Hillary Clinton? Let’s begin with the fact that the erstwhile prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic …

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March 1, 2016   No Comments

Making Gay Okay by Robert Reilly

Making Gay Oka by Robert Reilly
Making Gay Okay is a sobering philosophical analysis of the movement to destroy the concept of rational morality. It is a highly thoughtful examination of the conflicting views on what it is to be a human being and the consequences of abandoning the concept of morality as a derivative of reason.

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February 22, 2016   2 Comments