Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders

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Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?

The powers that be must think we are really dumb. For a case in point, I saw the following headline on my Apple news widget. “What’s Wrong With the U.S. Economy? It’s You, Not the Data

Whoever wrote …

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April 4, 2024   No Comments

A Funny “Survey”

I just responded to phone “survey” about Arizona politics. It went something like this:

Questioner: Are you going to vote in the next election?

Martin: Damn straight, I never miss an election.

Questioner: Have you heard of …

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November 14, 2023   No Comments

When Race Trumps Merit by Heather Mac Donald

It is common to see thought leaders, especially on the right side of the political spectrum, bemoan the degradation of the meritocracy under which the United States once purported to operate. With the advent of identity politics and grievance culture …

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June 17, 2023   No Comments

How to Save the West by Spencer Klavan

While  How to Save the West might sound like the title of a Jordan Peterson-style list of ways to improve life amidst the chaos of the modern world, Spencer Klavan takes a refreshing tack in his first book. Instead, Klavan's book serves as an introduction to the greatest minds in history, with a dose of theological exegesis that makes the book into something of an unexpected apologetic as well.

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February 25, 2023   No Comments

Benjamin Franklin by John T Morse (American Statesmen Series, Volume 1)

John T Morse gives us a full bodied and fascinating look at a man who distinguished himself from his peers by his talents, service and virtues.

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September 17, 2022   No Comments

The Politically Incorrect Guide to PANDEMICS by Steven W Mosher

At first glance, this book looks like a part of the “For Dummies” series. (You know, Computers for Dummies, Cooking for Dummies, Nuclear Physics for Dummies, etc). The cover graphics show a mask (made in China) and the logo of a winking pig. Near the mask is this quote: “When this virus is over, I still want some of you to stay away from me”, a sentiment to which I instantly relate. Then I discovered that this “Politically Incorrect Guide” is actually one book in a series of some 30 odd books dealing with everything from American History, to Women and Feminism.

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August 31, 2022   No Comments

The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress by Kyle Mann and Joel Berry

No website has done a better job of promulgating the conservative Christian cause on social media in recent years than the Babylon Bee. Founded in 2016, the writers at the Bee have made an art form of satirically dismantling

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June 5, 2022   No Comments

The Truth and Beauty by Andrew Klavan

Andrew Klavan sums up the general thesis of his latest book, The Truth and Beauty, near its end: “because beauty is truth and truth is beauty, we know our minds are made to find the meaning in creation. Only a human being – his life, his death, his eternal life – can provide us with what Coleridge called the ‘total idea,’ the idea of which each of us expresses his small piece, his soul.” This is a rather lofty sentiment, and one that requires a good amount of both historical and philosophical context to unpack – context which Klavan artfully supplies in the preceding chapters.

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April 10, 2022   No Comments

Teach Your Children Well …

In the September issue, Commentary Magazine published Wilfred Reilly’s review of Charles Murray’s new book, Facing Reality. It is a critical but fair assessment of Murray’s contention that racial differences account for differences in cognitive ability and crime rates. …

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February 19, 2022   No Comments

A Conversation with Ashley Rindsberg

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Ashley Rindsberg, author of the excellent The Gray Lady Winked (reviewed here). Rindsberg has been making some waves on Twitter recently and taking dishonest journalists to task, and he has a

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January 23, 2022   No Comments