Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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The Politically Incorrect Guide to PANDEMICS by Steven W Mosher

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At first glance, this book looks like a part of the “For Dummies” series. (You know, Computers for Dummies, Cooking for Dummies, Nuclear Physics for Dummies, etc). The cover graphics show a mask (made in China) and the logo of a winking pig. Near the mask is this quote: “When this virus is over, I still want some of you to stay away from me”, a sentiment to which I instantly relate. Then I discovered that this “Politically Incorrect Guide” is actually one book in a series of some 30 odd books dealing with everything from American History, to Women and Feminism. Well, color me completely uninformed. I guess I just crawled out from under my special rock.

Be that as it may, the book is thoroughly researched, compelling and extremely comprehensiveaccording to noted historian Gordon Chang, of Stanford University, author of The Coming Collapse of China. It is also highly recommended by Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, among other notables.

(Ok, the pig logo remains a mystery, I figured out the initials of PIG, stand for “Politically Incorrect Guide”. Don’t ask me about the wink, though. I am not a marketer. I can vouch for Professor Chang’s opinion. That is spot on accurate.)

Stephen Mosher, the author, is a leading expert on China, and holds an advanced degree in biological sciences. He starts with a fascinating historical treatise on the history of viruses and plagues from 3000 BC and forward. He covers the Black Death, smallpox, the Antonine Plague, which I had never heard of, and many others, as well as the 20 th century Spanish Flu, Hong Kong Flu, and Swine Flu. The common denominator and origin point of all history’s plagues? They all appear to have originated in China. Wait, what? China? How is that possible? He explains. Their epicurean habits for one thing. Chinese cuisine “always included anything that walks, flies, crawls or…burrows”. Yecch. “The combination of a diet that includes rats and rodents and a high population density ensured that there were always pockets of plague percolating in different parts of China”. In fact, there are evidences of at least three bubonic plagues from variations of the aptly named “Yersinia Pestis”. All from China. That may explain the zoonosis (a fancy name for transmission of disease from animal to human) so prevalent in China. Marmots are another variety of rodent enjoyed to this day in China. Fleas to rodents to humans. Not a difficult concept.

Further on, the author gives us a historical narrative on how lethal these diseases were, and how they made the pilgrimage to Europe and other parts of Asia via the China Road, ships and other trade routes, often piggy backing on rats.

The author spends a considerable amount of time relating the way these diseases were treated, or not treated, how the established churches confronted the issue, the social restrictions imposed and how these diseases affected empires. Some of this information is necessarily hard to read. Diseases that kill millions are not pretty.

The point of the history lesson is to provide prologue to a proper understanding of plague, and itsimpact on the world. These invaders have “hollowed out populations” and destroyed nations.

As to present day Covid 19 pandemic, the author moves on to report on how we got to the present day with this “pandemic panic”. And how “Big Pharma” got its first taste of wealth at the teat of the federal government and the taxpayer nearly 50 years ago with the advent of the swine flu in 1976. The myths and misinformation regarding the Wuhan lab in China and the Chinese Communist Party’s decade long indulgences into biological and genetic warfare are methodically revealed. There is excellent information supporting the likelihood of this virus being created in the Wuhan lab, as part of gain of function research and possibly for use as biological weapons. For this to have been naturally occurring is a one in 3 trillion chance. Document evidence was provided that Chinese Dr. Shi Zhengli attempted to create a virus that showed the same mutations allegedly attributed to Covid 19 in order to support the contention that the virus occurred naturally. This was proven to be a fraud. It goes on and on. The mountain of lies told to the American people were legion and are now evident. But a compliant scientific community and media distortions and disinformation are still being employed as a weapon against the truth.

The author takes on the issues of globalism, the CDC, the WHO, Communist China and their insidious policies and coverups, Dr. Fauci’s massive mistakes and denial of gain of function, lockdowns and the American political influence on Covid policy in 2020. The reader will get a primer on Genomics, mRNA, herd immunity, the Covid Zero fantasy and much more. And finally, the book deals with the deliberate cover up and obfuscation of vaccine and booster performance, which we are only now beginning to get our arms around. We are shown how Sweden’s policy was as different from mainland Europe as Florida’s was from New York. And how social media in concert with mass media and the corrupted WHO and CDC set out to censor and hide the data from the general public.

All of this is carefully researched, documented and insightful. There is no shortage of material supported and footnoted. The notes comprise 69 pages or nearly 25% of the book. The book is
remarkably well written and laid out with side articles that further expound on the topics as they unfold. The author arrives at several unavoidable conclusions. First, people were not saved by the vaccine, but by herd immunity. The evidence in countries like Sweden proved that beyond doubt. Policies in so- called “free states” like Florida vs New York show the contrast clearly.

Secondly, he points out that our future threats are external and internal. Externally, Communist China pursuing ambitions for world domination unleashed the virus upon the world. We must decouple our economies to guard against future bioweapon attacks. No more “China Road” for Communist rats. Internally, our new American oligarchy (Big Tech, Washington, and Wall Street) profited economically and politically, while record transfers of wealth and power took place from the middle class to the elite. This unprecedented public health dictatorship cost the world 20% of its GDP in two years.

That is a pig that is impossible to perfume.


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