Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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This site frequently uses copyrighted material.  We do our best to credit and link any source of material used.  Consequently, when there is a clear owner or creator of content, we provide credit for their work.  However, with images posted everywhere on the Internet, this is not always possible.  They appear on lots of different sites, and thus make it virtually impossible to identify the originator of the image.  Furthermore, according to the provisos of Fair Use, under Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107:

We live under the same strictures.  If you wish to use materials from WWTFT, feel free to do so, in compliance with Title 17.  Please do provide a link and credit for the citation.

We don’t ever plagiarize.  All of WWTFT’s contributors here have all given their complete permission for us to publish their work.

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The original idea behind WWTFT was to promote the exchange of information and provide a place for thoughtful discussion in an effort to expand our own thinking on weighty philosophical issues that are critical for the survival of our country.  However, while free speech is a right, this site costs money and is not funded by any public entity.  It is funded privately at personal expense – and so the team at WWTFT gets to decide what gets published on our site, just as on any other private site.   Consequently, while we’re eager to engage in thoughtful debate, we reserve the right to moderate comments and contributions.  We’re not always going to agree.  In fact we will probably disagree with readers on any number of issues, and this is OK.  However, we will not tolerate personal attacks, automated bots, or plagiarized commentary, trolls, etc.   We will exercise our prerogative to ban mindless tirades or rants.

Disclosure on Books and Stuff:

At WWTFT, we buy a lot of books, but we also receive books from publishers who would like their materials reviewed.  We appreciate this, because, as mentioned above, this site is maintained at personal expense, so every little bit helps.  But, we make no promises about when or if we will review a book, movie or other materials.  Neither do we make any promises as to the nature of the review – positive or negative.  However, generally, our reviews are positive, but that is because we read things we want to!  Life is too short to read junk.

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