Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders

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Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice by Adam Makos

Devotion by Adam Makos
Devotion should be read because of what it reveals about the Korean War and the men who fought it. The “police action” claimed five million lives, nearly 37,000 of them American, plus 92,134 American wounded. Indeed, in the author's words: "One could argue that the Korean War was really a World War –– World War III –– in which the nations of the world converged to fight on one peninsula, instead of around the globe."

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February 8, 2016   No Comments

My Grandfather, The Butcher

Here's a story to make you smile.

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February 3, 2016   6 Comments

Can’t anybody here play this game?

While watching his futile 1962 Mets team, losers of 120 games, give another dismal performance, manager Casey Stengel reportedly quipped, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” The Mets didn’t try to lose, yet they did it with remarkable regularity. The 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up much the same way. It’s hard to see that either party is really trying to win.

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January 28, 2016   4 Comments

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

This is a movie worth seeing, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will draw their own conclusions.

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January 16, 2016   2 Comments

Ally My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide By Michael B. Oren

Ally provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of diplomacy, Obama style. Something like watching a train wreck in progress. That the alliance survived, however bruised, is a credit to the tireless efforts of Israel’s American-born ambassador.

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January 11, 2016   No Comments

Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann

My parents are very smart, and very well educated. They have always spoken highly of Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann. Now that I have finished it, I don't know why.

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December 23, 2015   1 Comment

You Can Fight Without Ever Winning, But Never Win Without a Fight — A Review of ‘How to be Right’ | Reb on the Red Line

While home for Christmas break, my son read Greg Gutfeld's new book (in an afternoon) and reviewed it on his blog on the same day. It's a darn good review, if I do say so myself.

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December 22, 2015   No Comments

You Won’t Get Wise With the Sleep Still in your Eyes | Reb on the Red Line

WWTFT blogger daughter posted this on WWTFT blogger son's blog, thus it had to be shared.

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December 22, 2015   No Comments

The Edmund Fitzgerald – 40 Years Ago Today

There’s a pretty good article here on USA Today about the largest ship ever lost on the great lakes.

As big Gordon Lightfoot fan, it seems fitting to listen to this today.

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November 10, 2015   No Comments

Reflections on Readings

Having just finished David Mamet’s The Secret Knowledge, I found I had a lot to think about, in fact much more than could be covered adequately within the scope of a review. It’s book that deserves a close reading and consideration within the scope of its subject — the dismantling of America’s culture.

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November 3, 2015   No Comments