Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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You’re A RACIST! (And other folk songs)

I find it absurd that those of us who don’t indulge in vile accusations, shouting, intolerance, name-calling or other playground behavior, are constantly on the defensive against being called homophobes, racists, misogynists, Nazis, and Neanderthals.  This game is played daily.    It works like this:   “You voted for Bush, you must be a ……….”    “You don’t support gay marriage, therefore you are a ………….”   “You don’t agree with Affirmative Action, so you are a …………….”    “You are against abortion, therefore you are ……….”.

I make no attempt to defend myself. It’s past time to go on the offensive. There is never a discussion or an evaluation of reasoning behind these articulations, just a blanket accusation and an assumption of superiority.  The truth does not matter. It is vital to these folks to feel morally superior.

Self-righteousness is a part of their very identity.

The facts never get in the way of their narrative. The most intolerant, closed minded, ignorant people I know are on the Left.   Yet, that is always how they characterize the Right.   Of course, some on the Right qualify, but they are a minor footnote compared to the crashing ignoramuses, and self-righteous bores on the Left. As harsh a statement as that may seem, it is absolutely true.  They know nothing about history, they are unwilling to hear an argument or alternative point of view, and they are absolutely rigid in their dogma.  (It’s not even ideology anymore; it’s just blind belief)  They invent facts rather than form opinions based on them.   Yet that is exactly the opposite of what they tell you and what they believe about themselves.

Someone wise said that the difference between Liberals and Conservatives is that the Left chooses to see only what it already believes, and the Right chooses its beliefs based on what it sees. That is the most articulate and accurate definition I have heard.  The Left is completely cemented in its own clichés and nothing can blast them out of the darkness.  They don’t interact with those they disagree with; they only talk to their own.  They live in their own impervious bubble.  The exception is when they accuse and vilify.    If they “feel” a certain way, it is that to which they are allegiant.   Do not confuse them with facts.    They are not interested in evidence.  Everyone they know “feels” as they do so it must be so.

The reason movies and music are so influential is that these are passion plays that arouse feelings.  They can recall how they felt while watching the “China Syndrome” for example, and forever be convinced that nuclear power is harmful.    All it takes is a little disinformation and the lie takes root, is enveloped in   emotion and nothing will ever dislodge it.  They are not interested in the truth.    They are interested in feeling good about themselves.   Give a leftist a cause and you have fed his narcissism for a lifetime.

The Left gave birth to the “benefit concert” and “protest songs.”  Every time these idiots have a Kumbaya moment, people die somewhere.   Their flat-earther ignorance when it comes to the environment is resulting in the deaths of millions.    The outlawing of DDT, for example, is responsible for 50 million deaths worldwide from Malaria.  Their fixation on global cooling/warming /climate change (an amazing evolution of ignorance in 30 years) is fear-based and no different than cavemen believing that the stars would fall on their heads if they lit fires that shot sparks into the sky. I tell them that their selfishness has cost the lives of 30 million aborted babies in the last 40 years.  I tell them that their foolish and closed-minded views on politics and their actions in Vietnam and after the war killed over 2 million Cambodians and who knows how many Vietnamese.  I remind that Obama is not the first to recommend a great leap “Forward” and what that really meant to the Chinese and the Russians who were put to the death by the millions.

I have found that when they accuse and vilify, they are usually guilty of what they accuse others.  So, I give them the facts and instead, I tell them that they are intolerant, closed minded racists.  I tell them they are hooked on mythology over reality.    I call them regressives, not progressives. I tell them they are dedicated to destroying an imperfect system and replacing it with tyranny.  I explain that they are manifestly immature and ruled by emotion.   I tell them that the real defenders of the poor and the downtrodden are conservatives.  And I give them facts to back it up.  I tell them that the greatest progress and improvement in the quality of life in the history of the planet came as a result of a revolutionary concept called freedom and the US Constitution. This unleashing of individual creativity in America did not benefit just Americans, but the entire world.  I recommend that they acquaint themselves with the history of Marxism, Socialism and Statism and how it enslaves individuals to a handful of elites and causes the kind of misery that has driven people to want to come here for more than a century.   But they won’t.   I know that.

I point out to them that, like their Euro-Socialist counterparts, the Left routinely uses the poor as pawns to advance their agenda (centralized power and wealth). Yet, while they have spent more resources on social programs in the past 40 years than the entire national budget for the whole history of the country, everything they have touched has gotten worse by all objective standards.  The Left has the Midas touch in reverse.   Everything they touch turns to dung:

Black youth unemployment skyrocketed under liberal social welfare politics. It’s higher today than in the 1950’s by nearly 6 times (8.2 % vs. 45% today).   Tell that to a Liberal and watch his reaction.  He rejects the facts and he is incapable of concluding that his dogma is insane.  That’s when I call them racists again, because they deliberately support programs and social policies that hurt blacks, like the minimum wage for example. They use blacks to advance the Left’s agenda. I call it Social Slavery. The real racists are on the Left and always have been.  They are the ones who spawned Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, whose chief objective was to abort black babies.  I inform them that the KKK was a Democrat organization and that the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960’s was only possible because of Republicans. They don’t know that Martin Luther King was a Republican. Those on the Left want to keep blacks dependent on the liberal plantation and attack conservative blacks as Uncle Toms or worse.  (Ask Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice, JC Watts, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Bill Cosby etc etc etc)  I tell them they are the worst kind of bigots. They are in effect, slaveholders in a free society.

I tell them that the Education system spends 10x what it spent 50 years ago and turns out graduates who cannot compete for jobs because they lack skills and reasoning ability, but now are individually beholden to government for tens of thousands of dollars.  I explain that families have been devastated by no fault divorce laws, pornography, and a general decline in morality that accompanied the so-called sexual revolution.  The left’s ego driven “enlightened evolution” is really all about devolution and societal destruction.

Because of their self-imposed ignorance, their bitter negative attitudes, their selfishness, their refusal to become adults and their endless whining about whatever is not perfect in the world, they are endangering the future of this country and the world, putting at risk the lives of millions.

In short, I tell them the truth. I give them the facts quickly and mercilessly and attack their self-imposed ignorance like the evil that it is.  I have no patience for those who run from the room with the equivalent of their hands over their ears (Gail Collins NYT), screaming, “I’m not listening, I’m not listening!” Actually, I should be OK with that.

At least they stop calling me “racist”.


1 James D. Best { 05.22.12 at 7:58 am }

Another definition of progressives and conservatives is that conservatives think progressive have bad ideas, while progressives believe conservatives are bad people.


Erich Sielaff Reply:

Very true James! Right on the money.


Michael E. Newton Reply:

Great line Jim!


2 Harriet { 05.22.12 at 1:44 pm }

I am still looking for the tune!


Erich Sielaff Reply:

Hmmm…. sounds like a folk song in the making. Haha……maybe like the old Dr Pepper song?

“He’s a racist, she’s a racist!
All conservatives are racist!
Careful or I’ll call you racist too!
If you dare to speak against
the liberal orthodoxy then
We’ll slander and belittle all of you!”

Needs more verses…….I tried it with homophobe and it didn’t work. So I tried “Kumbaya” sort of in Yoda voice……..

“Homophobe you are…..
Homophobe you are….
If you think he and he,
Can’t elope
then you are …
a homophobe.”

What do you think? Could work!


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