Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Uncivil Disobedience

Isn’t anyone asking why the municipalities under siege have not responded more aggressively to the rioters that are engulfing them? Why are the mobs permitted to camp where no camping is allowed, vandalize property, block traffic, harass citizens, and rape and loot each other? They are not exercising their right to free expression anymore than someone who yells fire in a crowded theater.

They are disturbing the peace – big time.  They are a public nuisance, and an unsanitary threat to health, and that’s only for starters.  Even a cursory reading of municipal statutes would find other more serious infractions.

One reason the authorities appear helpless in the face of the onslaught is that Obama’s Bullies use a tactic called “occupy the courts” when arrested, to stretch out court proceedings, straining city budgets, and making apprehension uneconomical.

So we have cities essentially being held hostage by a rabble.  In Washington, D.C., defenseless citizens attending a dinner held by Americans For Prosperity, a conservative group, were mobbed and shoved, culminating in an attack on a 78-year-old woman who was pushed down a flight of stairs.

It would seem reasonable that there is more than one way to stop the lawlessness without bankrupting city governments.  Almost every city has pollution ordinances that prohibit the open fires used by Obama’s Bullies to keep warm.  Most cities require licenses for food handling.  If those feeding the rabble have not obtained such licenses, they should be prohibited from purveying food.  In other words, instead of being reactive, be proactive.

Is it not possible to make conditions so uncomfortable (it is winter after all) that the mob dwindles, making arrests of remaining miscreants more feasible?

To use an old cliché, surely a nation that sent men to the moon can figure out how to deal with uncivil disobedience.


1 greg { 11.08.11 at 9:50 am }

If this is civil disobedience what do you call what the founding fathers did to form this country. Also can you give an example where people have voiced their opinion more peacefully then this and things actually change.


Marcia Reply:

How about the Civil Rights Movement? 200,000 people attended the MLK March in Washington, but they did not go on a rampage and try to trash the city. The movement was characterized by acts of nonviolent resistance, and civil disobedience. Acts of violence were perpetrated by local authorities against civil rights protesters.


2 Michael E. Newton { 11.08.11 at 6:20 pm }

Police forces throughout the country are unionized. Which side in this debate do you think they support?


Marcia Reply:

Police on the videos look pretty disgusted. Who will they follow? Union bosses or elected city officials?


3 Jeff Edelman { 11.08.11 at 10:50 pm }

I think it’s time we begin to ignore these people. It’s attention they seek. Let’s deprive them. They’re a non-entity. The same ol’ same ol’. Nothing new here folks. Tired, failed, damaging ideas. They are the product of these ideas. They are the damage embodied. The litter, the wreckage strewn about. We must leave them behind. We, as liberty-loving Americans, must herald, promote and champion the qualities and ideas that are required to deliver this nation to its intended and hoped for unique place.


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