Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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The Essence of Hillary

Recently, a country music video, Stand with Hillary, was produced by a new super PAC of the same name. If there is a point, it is that it’s never too early to release a music video to implore Americans who drive pickups and tractors to get behind the Hillary Clinton for President machine. The video shows a hunky cowboy type singing about, well, Hillary.

Let’s be clear, there isn’t a cowboy this side of Brokeback Mountain that’ll vote for Hillary in 2016. The video inspires no one, not even the Dixie Chicks –and I think they actually like the former First Lady, senator, secretary of state, expert cattle futures speculator and Monica Lewinsky rival.

As songs go surely someone can do better to more accurately reflect what Hillary Clinton is all about. So, as a public service, I am stepping forward with my contribution to the cause. I think this better captures the essence of Hillary.  (Cowboy hat is optional.)



(Sung to the tune of Yesterday – I’m sure Paul McCartney won’t mind)

Hillary, ’08 was supposed to be for me
This is harder than it needs to be
But, I believe in Hillary
Apparently, I’m not as broke as I had claimed to be

There’s Benghazi hanging over me
My book tour ended suddenly
Why I have to run, I don’t know, Bill thinks I should
It’s been way to long, it’s my turn I understood

Wondering if I really have just what it takes
Hope nobody sees I’m just a fake
Oh, what difference does it make?
Politics, it’s so easy for just Bill to play
I don’t know what I’m doing anyway
But, Hillary is here to stay

Why might Warren run, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say
If she even tries, I’m sure Bill will make her pay
Bill tells me, I’ll have to run in every primary
Says other Dems I’ll need to pillory
‘Cause I believe in Hillary

Me me me me me me meee




The Grammy nominating committee has already been provided with my email address and Twitter handle so they know how to contact me. I look forward to appearing on the same stage at the Grammys as Jonathan Gruber, who will certainly win the award for Best Spoken Word recording. (So many to choose from!)

*Musical Performance by WWTFT’s Erich!


1 Quinn Woodworth { 12.16.14 at 11:04 am }

This sentence was the best part of the post: “former First Lady, senator, secretary of state, expert cattle futures speculator and Monica Lewinsky rival.” I didn’t think the song was very catchy.


Curtice Mang Reply:


Listen to the song a couple of more times, it’ll grow on you. No, wait, that’s the stench of the Clinton’s as we get closer to 2016 that’s growing.


Quinn Woodworth Reply:

Thanks for responding. I did not see that could listen to it. You are right. Hearing the song is great. Glad to hear it.


2 Ann Herzer { 12.16.14 at 2:09 pm }

Curtice Mang is priceless as usual. Clever, clever Mang!


Curtice Mang Reply:

Thanks, Ann. Always appreciate your comments.


3 Marcia { 12.16.14 at 7:49 pm }

Such pathos! Such a hoot! Well done as always Curtice. You and your soloist have the nomination locked up.


Curtice Mang Reply:

Thanks much, Marcia!


4 George Archibald { 12.29.14 at 5:10 am }

Erich’s wry humor adds a lot to the serious emphasis here. Let’s have his take on EIT (“enhanced interrogation techniques”).


5 George Archibald { 12.29.14 at 5:14 am }

Erich’s wry humor adds much to the serious tone here. Let’s have his take on CIA-EIT (“enhanced interrogation techniques”) to dovetail with the notion of Hillary’s “stench”.


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