Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Saturday Links

Blogodidact | Taking an about face on Todd Akin without changing direction – Fight!


Liberty At Stake | Hanging Out With the Staff Cartoonist


Catholibertarian | From Father Z: Rep. Paul Ryan Says Catholics Need To Act Before Religious Freedoms Are Eroded




Zilla of the Resistance at | Obama Bites the Hands that Fed Him Big Donors Get Big Diss


Adrienne’s Corner | US Army Soldiers rock it out in Kunar, Afghanistan…


TOM Blog | Labor Department Spends Stimulus Funds For Ads During Olbermann, Maddow Shows | Obama Literally Thinks The World Revolves Around Him


Mind-Numbed Robot | Spot-On Quotes of the Century


Manhattan Infidel | Manhattan Infidel Presents Your (Updated) Updated Kennedy Malfeasance Template


Conservatives on Fire | Ods and Sods


America’s Chronicle | Exposing Obama’s Tax Ambush On Seniors’ Dividends Can Win The Election.


J O S H U A P U N D I T | True Colors Revealed; ‘Anti-Zionist’ Activists Named In Leadership Of Rabbis For Obama


America’s Watchtower | Gunrunner: ATF official granted paid leave so that he can collect a second six figure salary with JP Morgan


Boston 1775 | Why Are Some Founders Forgotten?


Conservative Hideout 2.0 | Is It Too Late? Is It EnevitableThat The Debt Will Crush The World



Conservative Outcry | Hands Off (My Vagina)!

America’s Watchtower | Gunrunner: ATF official granted paid leave so that he can collect a second six figure salary with JP Morgan


Western Free Press | Fukushima: Not nearly as bad as believed?


Seeing Red AZ | Voter fraud expos? Dont look to AZ Repblica


The Arizona Conservative | Dems Reject Cardinals Offer


The Arizona Conservative | Congressman Schweikert Leading Congressman Quayle


Arizona Politics for Conservatives: Sonoran Alliance | Carmona Steps Up Praise for ObamaCare, Gutting of Medicare


Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead | Barack Obama and the Chamberpot of Secrets


Blue Collar Muse | No, Bill Haslam and the TN GOP Did Not Grow TN Government




Patriot’s Corner | Anti-Obama Movie “2016 Obama’s America” # 1 at Box Office!


A Conservative Teacher | A Plea to Government Officials to Stop Their Amateur Meddling in Business




Ironic Surrealism | After Stunning Hollywood At #1 Is The Anti-Obama Obamas America: 2016 Headed For Mainstream Success?


Old Virginia Blog | Conservatives Read More Books?


The Daley Gator | Racial Obsession Syndrome now an epidemic as the voices in Liberals heads utter code words


Political Realities | Obama Administration Applies Spin Math To Illegal Deportation Numbers


Classic Liberal Blog | Default America: Entitlement Albatross


Godfather Politics | Did Targeting the 1% by Occupy Wall Street Movement Lead to NY Shootings?


Doug Ross @ Journal | Exclusive: Full Secret Agenda of the Democrat National Convention!


The Lonely Conservative | Democrats, Michelle Obama Wants You to Mark Your Calendars and Get to the Polls November 2


The Other McCain | Nugent Sticking To His Guns


Maggie’s Notebook | US Military Threatens Navy SEAL: Islamic Terrorists Threaten Navy SEAL With Death: Nidal Hasan Lolls


The People’s Cube | Pointing Out Republican Evils


Ana the Imp | Black Myth


Ana the Imp | Russias Historical Amnesia


thesteadyconservative | Government of Life or Death


WyBlog | Democrats tap Cory Booker to soft-pedal their extremist party platform


Today’s History Lesson | Chester Arthurs Czar of Advice


The Path to Tyranny Blog | Alexander Hamilton memorial events: July 13The Museum of the City of New York.


SENTRY JOURNAL | August 24, 1814: The British burn Washington to the ground



1 steve { 08.25.12 at 3:32 pm }

Thanks for ye-olde tyme linkage!


Martin Reply:

My pleasure, Steve.


2 LD Jackson { 08.25.12 at 11:43 pm }

Thanks, Martin.


Martin Reply:

You are welcome.


3 John Carey { 08.26.12 at 6:34 am }

Thanks for the link Martin. You’re the heat. Keep up the great work you guys do.


Martin Reply:

Nah, Sentry Journal is my role model!


4 Zilla { 08.26.12 at 8:52 am }

Thank you for linking me, Martin, and thanks for another terrific round of links!


5 Martin { 08.26.12 at 12:29 pm }

My pleasure.


6 Bob Mack { 09.05.12 at 1:58 pm }

Thanks for the link, Martin. I had to take a week off from blogging — couldn’t think of a decent opening sentence to save my life. I’m gonna send that idea to the Obama campaign.


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