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Pinecone Fletcher: Saturday Links

Pinecone Fletcher: Guitar Center King of the Blues 2010 Finalist – YouTube.

I really liked what Blogodidact had to say this week – extra links in that direction.


Blogodidact |Confession is said to be good for the soul… but… what if you’re boasting?

Blogodidact | Sporting with the 2nd Amendment

In the wake of last weeks “The Dark Knight” shooting in Aurora Co, the old calls for gun-control have resurfaced, and unfortunately some of the same old inappropriate, self-defeating attempts at defending the 2nd Amendment, have been floated as well. I wish each would sink without a trace, but that and fifty cents… well… $3 or $4 bucks… will get me a cup of coffee, sooo… I guess we’d best have a look, starting with the least important danger first – those advocating gun control – and moving towards the greatest danger, those defending the 2nd Amendment with their ‘common sense’ understanding of it.

Blogodidact | Quick thoughts on the too sudden approach of the eternal

People have been struck by the hard senselessness and criminal evilness of this day, and have been trying to deal with, and find ways to comfort their fellows in the face of such present darkness. One poster in a group on Facebook wrote some brief thoughts and put up this excellent clip from “The Lord of the Rings“, where Gandalf the Wizard, in the face of approaching doom, conveys some brief and warming rays of enlightenment to the Hobbit Pippin.

Blogodidact | President Obama and the Oppressor in the Mirror

You know what’s really infuriating about Obama’s ‘You didn’t do it alone!‘ statement? Not only the economic ignorance it expresses (which for $140 grand you too can attain along with a handy-dandy college degree, suitable for framing!), but the pure insult it issues to anyone who has ever chosen to purchase a single thing.

Catholibertarian | Is Questioning Government Officials Beliefs and Associations Fair Game? Especially Those Working in National Security?

Don’t citizens as well as elected government officials have a right to know the backgrounds and associations (questionable or not) of unelected (appointed) government officials?


Zilla of the Resistance at | Bloggers Beware: An Important Reminder

Zilla has been covering the vicious campaign of ongoing harassment against Conservative Bloggers which attempts to silence them, and has also focused on the nasty attacks directed at The Lonely Conservative and Zilla.

Adrienne’s Corner | Chaos on the border: How’s that Dream Act working out on the border?…

not too well unless all you want is more “voters.”

TOM Blog | Sociologist Whose Research Finds Fault With Same-Sex Relationships Under Investigation

Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin, published a study showing that children with gay parents had more emotional troubles and social problems than children with heterosexual parents in stable relationships.
Don’t confuse the issues with the facts – instead destroy those with the facts. | Why is it when Obama reveals his true feelings the media calls it a gaffe?

Why is it when Obama reveals his true feelings the media calls it a gaffe?

Manhattan Infidel | Baghdad Bob Named New Head of DNC!

In news that shocked everyone in Washington, the Democratic National Committee has replaced its Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz with Muhammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, better know to an earlier generation as “Bagdad Bob.”
“We were all fond of Debbie” said DNC executive director Patrick Gaspard.

Conservatives on Fire | Obama, Still Going Green

In spite of all of Obama’s green energy fails, he is putting his “fundamental transformation of America” on the fast track:Secretary Salazar, Senator Reid Announce ‘Fast-Track’ Initiatives for Solar Energy Development on Western Lands.

America’s Chronicle | How To Win A Close Election

This Not-So-Secret Weapon Is Favoring Romney, and is not what Eric Holder thinks.

J O S H U A P U N D I T | Dem Election Offical Vows Not To Enforce PA Voter ID Law

Boston 1775 | Washington and Knox: When Harry Met George

This guy seems kind of left-leaning, but this is an interesting article.

Conservative Hideout 2.0 | Chik-Fil-A Being Punished for Being Christian, Just as Predicted

Conservative Outcry | Never Let A Crisis (Or In This Case, A Tasty Chicken Sandwich) Go To Waste!

With unemployment still above 8% and growth at a standstill, youd think the lefts war against tasty chicken sandwiches would have faded by now.

America’s Watchtower | Democrats add a gun control amendment to the Cybersecurity bill

Rahm Emanuel once said that you should never let a good crisis go to waste because it allows you to implement policy which would you would otherwise be able to pass.

Western Free Press | Rep. Schweikert Introduces Amendment To Dismantle Dodd-Frank

Washington, D.C. Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored Enterprises, introduced theSchweikert Amendmentto H.R. 4078 that would halt all rule promulgation ofDodd-Frank.

Seeing Red AZ | AZ Repblica endorses any Dem over Arpaio

This less than a breath-holding moment will never make the annals of stunning news. The Peridico de la Repblica de Arizona (Arizona Republic) has endorsed in the race for Maricopa County Sheriff. And the newspapers choice? A Democrat. Any Democrat.

The Arizona Conservative | Mayors Play Chicken with First Amendment Rights

By John Semmens: Semi-News A Satirical Look at Recent News Though it would seem that Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s opinion that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman is protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment, mayors in three cities have vowed to punish this heresy.

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead | Flub-A-Dub Obama Channels The VC And More

A President is Known by the Weapons He Chooses.. Talk about a gaffe and a tell, “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.” said President Obama.

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead | Obama: Getting To Know You, Getting To Know ALL About You

“[Obama’s] never signed the front of a check, only the back of one.” — Edward Woodson As we approach the dog days of August, Barack Obama — the Man Who Would Be King

Blue Collar Muse | UN Small Arms Treaty 2012 Update: Thanks, Senator Corker!!

Last week, as activists around the state were taking to Twitter, FaceBook, blogs and other forms of media to blast Senator Corker for failing to support our Constitution, 2nd Amendment rights and self defense and saying he was supporting the UN Small Arms Treaty (UNSAT)

Cold Fury | Why bother with the GOP?

McCarthy asks the Big One, the question of our age: This is the crossroads at which we now find ourselves. On one side are national security conservatives, myself included, who reluctantly accept the stubborn fact that Islamic supremacist ideology is incorrigibly hostile to America and the West.

Pixie Place II | The Current Occupant is the most anti-Israel President ever.

This Saturday evening begins Tisha B’ Av (the 9th of the Jewish month of Av). Since the time of Moses and the exodus-through modern times, horrible things have happened to the Jewish people on or around the 9th day of Av.

Patriot’s Corner | no compulsion in religion

“Hundreds of Christians have staged protests in Gaza’s main church in the past week, demanding the return of members of their community of 2,500, whom they said were kidnapped by Islamist proselytizers and forced to convert to Islam.

Christians are blaming the Hamas-affiliated Palestine Scholars Association and its chairman Salem Salama, a senior member of the Islamist Hamas movement.” Source: Reuters,Washington Post.

A Conservative Teacher | Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That Speech’ Reveals Bad Logic and Lies?

After going over the transcript from President Barack Obama’s campaign event in Roanoke, Virginia on July 13, 2012- the know famous ‘you didn’t build that’ speech- there are a couple further points I would like to make. Picking up midway through his speech…

President Obama says- “Weve already made a trillion dollars worth of cuts. We can make another trillion or trillion-two, and what we then do is ask for the wealthy to pay a little bit more.”

It is common knowledge that under President Obama the amount of money that that federal government spends each year (outlays) has gone up by quite a bit. Under big spending Bush, the federal government spent $2-$3 trillion- but under Obama outlays have gone up to between $3-$4 trillion. In fact, in 2011 the federal government spent more money than at any time in history. If President Obama were telling the truth and cuts to federal spending had been made, spending under Obama would be less than under Bush- but not only is this not the case, spending is up dramatically versus spending under Bush. So not only is Obama not telling the truth about cutting spending to balance the budget- which was the point he was trying to make in his speech- he in fact has done the opposite of this and increased spending.

I Don’t Get It | Rural Revolution Self-Sufficiency Series

          Patrice Lewis is a wonderful writer and all-around nice person. Her article, “A Right to Nothing,” inspired me to write “Why Not Teach People to Fish” back in August of 2010. In addition to her writing for World Net Daily, she has her website, Rural Revolution, which she describes as […]

Ironic Surrealism | GOP Rep. Mike Kelly: Take the Heavy Boot Off the Throat Of Americas Job Creators & Let Them Breathe!

Take heart America, there is still hope. Exhibit A: Rep. Mike Kelly’s anti-big government rant on the house floor received a standing O and chants of U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Old Virginia Blog | Birds Of A Feather – Enemies Of American Exceptionalism

Why academia loves Barack Obama – the most inept President in modern history:
It’s why Mr. Obama’s “out of context” complaints aren’t getting traction. The Republican National Committee’s response to that gripe was to run an ad that shows a full minute of Mr. Obama’s rant at the Roanoke, Va., campaign event on July 13. In addition to “you didn’t build that,” the president also put down those who think they are “smarter” or “work harder” than others. Witness the first president to demean the bedrock American beliefs in industriousness and exceptionalism. The “context” only makes it worse.


He shares their worldview and belief system.

The Daley Gator | Gun Carrying Man Ends Stabbing Spree At Salt Lake Grocery Store (Video)

Gun Carrying Man Ends Stabbing Spree At Salt Lake Grocery Store – KTVX A citizen with a gun stopped a knife wielding man as he began stabbing people Thursday evening at the downtown Salt Lake City Smith’s store. Police say the suspect purchased a knife inside the store and then turned it into a weapon.

Political Realities | Chik-fil-A and Examples of Liberal Hypocrisy

Chik-fil-A and Examples of Liberal Hypocrisy

I thought I would take a few moments and highlight the extent of the liberal hypocrisy that is currently underway against Chik-fil-A. I am sure you will remember what the rift is about. Chik-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy raised a great deal of liberal ire when he voice his strong support of traditional family values and traditional marriage. He made no hateful remarks and made no calls for discrimination against homosexuals.

Classic Liberal Blog | theCL Report: Obamas Economy and Ours

Retirement? Surely you jest.
Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock.

Godfather Politics | Atheist Group Doesnt Want You to See that Churches Exist

Atheists want to erase history, deny freedom of expression, and reject the original meaning of the First Amendment. The latest publicity stunt was made by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a Madison, Wisconsin-based atheist and agnostic group that intimidates anyone who holds to religious beliefs and municipalities that even mention that religion exists.

Doug Ross @ Journal | Rahm-tastic: Six Shot, Five Fatally, Over 12 Hour Span Last Night in Chicago, the Gun Control Capital of the U.S.

The Second City, with gun control laws so outrageous that the Supreme Court struck them down, basically prohibitslaw-abiding citizens from protecting themselves with firearms.Which doesn’t seem to be working out too well, if the last — oh — 50 or 60 years are any indication.

Doug Ross @ Journal | The Day Old Media Died

I’d be hard-pressed to pick an exact date, but suffice it to say that shortly after the inauguration of Barack Obama, vintage media committed suicide.Thanks to Tom Blumer, who spotted the seminal admission in The New York Times, we have confirmation that journalism is as dead as Francisco Franco.Put simply, the administration refuses to allow old media to report on any White House discussions without quote approval. And these former journalists go along to get along, compromising their principles and ethics to stay in good graces with this ludicrous regime.

The Lonely Conservative | Friday Document Dump Obamas Massive, Budget Busting 10 Year Budget

The Olympic games are starting and it’s a summer Friday afternoon. What better time for President Obama to dump his massive, budget-busting ten year budget on a distracted public. It’s a whopping $42 trillion and will bring the national debt up to a startling $25 trillion. To call this irresponsible and unpatriotic would certainly be an understatement. The Daily Caller has the gruesome details: The White House has delivered its 10-year budget forecast to Congress, and it predicts trillion-dollar deficits for the next decade. The project calls for $42.6 trillion in spending, and will balloon the federal governments accumulated debt to $25.4 trillion, says the report, titled the Mid-Session Review. It was released Friday, reducing the chance it will get much coverage in the media. Last year, the national debt grew to $14.8 trillion, an increase of $5 trillion from 2008. The river of red ink shows that President Barack Obamas campaign-trail ads are dramatically false, said a statement from Sen. Jeff Sessions, the GOPs budget chief in the Senate. Those new ads promise to pay down the accumulated deficits in a balanced way.

The Other McCain | Abysmal Failure

That’s how the 2008 TARP bailout is described by Neal Barofsky, the former special inspector general (“SIGTARP”) who was responsible for investigating how the funds were spent.

Maggie’s Notebook | Judicial Watch Sues US Navy Osama bin Laden: What Rites and Rituals Buried Him?

The U.S. Navy has refused to hand over details of how Osama bin Laden was buried at sea. Information on rituals and rites for the terrorist have been requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For the first time, I’m hearing that a Muslim seaman said an “appropriate prayer,” and washed and wrapped the killer in an “appropriate cloth.” Who knew the U.S. Navy would have such a cloth handy. The al-Qaida leaders carcass was reportedly dumped into the sea from the USS Carl Vinson within 24 hours of his May 2, 2011 death at the hands of a Navy SEALs team. In accordance with Muslim law and Navy regulations, the burial should have included a prayer requesting that Allah permit bin Laden to enter paradise and save him from the trials of grave and the punishment of hell. Why is the U.S. Navy concerned about saving bin Laden from the punishment of hell? Barack Obama is playing politics with bin Ladens death and ignoring the rule of law especially the transparency laws that his appointees violate with impunity, said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

The People’s Cube | Dear Leader Buts in on Gun Control

In a brilliant example of President Obama’s Constitutional scholarship, in a recent address to the National Urban League in New Orleans regarding the Aurora mass murder case he stated:Quote:I, like most Americans, believe that the Second Amendment guarantees the
individual the right to bear arms. That we recognize the traditions of gun
ownership that have been passed on from generation to generation. That hunting
and shooting are part of a … cherished national heritage. But I also believe
that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of
soldiers and not in the hands of criminals. that they belong on the battlefield
of war, not on the streets of our cities.Set aside the fact that American soldiers do not carry AK-47s. Set aside the fact that the Aurora shooter did not carry an AK-47. We here at the People’s Cube like the AK-47, as it the rifle of choice of the Communist bloc. The important thing here is the “but.”

Ana the Imp | From Ana with Love

Ana the Imp | Cow Girl Takes a Test

 Now that we know this country is bulging with new immigrants, citizenship and what exactly it means to be British has become rather the flavour of the moment.  Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has commissioned a test for those who want to make a home in Englands green and pleasant land, requiring them to know quite a lot about the land of hope and glory!    British?  Know the Bardor you’re barred, declared the Sun in its inimitable fashion.

Conservative Byte | Maine Democrat Uses Colorado Movie Shooting To Fundraise: How Many Murdered Children Does It Take? Can You Chip In $100 Today?


Classy. Via Washington Whispers: Whispers was forwarded a strongly-worded E-mail Thursday from Cynthia Dill, the notoriously outspoken Democratic candidate in Maines Senate race to replace retiring Republican Olympia Snowe. How many murdered children does it take? the E-mail began.

thesteadyconservative | Chick-fil-A

I am still writing the next post in the series on the election, but I thought this was a good one to put out there because of its relation to Rahm Emanuel and his relation to President Obama.

WyBlog | Catholic-owned firm wins a round in the fight over Obamacare

The Catholic family that owns a Colorado-based company won a court victory in their battle to stop the Obama administration from requiring them to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization and contraception, a mandate they say violates their religious beliefs and First Amendment rights.

Today’s History Lesson | Convention Grants Eleven Days for the Details

n July 26, 1787, the Convention created the Committee of Detail.  The job of this committee was not to create a finished product, but simply to get things organized.  Then the delegates could look over their work, have some more debate, and make corrections and further changes.  The Committee was Detail was made up of five members, including Virginia’s Edmund Randolph (who, as we know, ultimately did not sign the finished product), James Wilson from Pennsylvania, Nathaniel Gorham from Massachusetts, Connecticut’s Oliver Ellsworth, and John Rutledge from South Carolina.  They were given eleven days (until August 6) to knock together a “Report”.

The Path to Tyranny Blog | Do great droughts and great recessions coincide?

Anybody else find it odd that these great droughts occur during weak economic times? The Dust Bowl of the 1930s occurred during the middle of the Great Depression. Now this one during our Great Recession.

The Path to Tyranny Blog | Taxing offshore accounts would solve 6% of the problem. What about the 94%?

Proponents of big government and haters of the rich are making a big deal about $21 trillion that is being hidden in tax-free offshore accounts.

SENTRY JOURNAL | Building Something Already Gives Us More Than We Contributed

President Obama’s recent “you didn’t build that” comments have been the cause of much discussion lately. Of course, the general idea of what Obama has said is nothing new to liberal thought. Elizabeth Warren uttered a very similar sentiment last September, albeit much more eloquently. The notion that you owe much thanks to those that have contributed to your success in life is far from absurd. We all have that special teacher, friend, or loved one that has inspired us to become more. We all have benefited from the level of progress society has achieved and the hard work of those that have come before us. I don’t think anyone would argue against that, but the debt that we owe to our society and the price tag attached is something entirely different.


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