Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Obama Flight Delays

Most everyone has heard of Obamacare, the unpopular name critics appended to the president’s 2,400-page Affordable Health Care Act monstrosity. Make way for a new epithet courtesy of the Republican Party of Florida: “Obama Flight Delays” to describe the ‘in your face’ FAA furloughs that mired weary travelers at airports across the country.

Citizen uproar was heard in Washington where the Senate, having previously refused to consider giving the president more authority to determine sequester cuts, now suddenly scrambled to join the House in approving a bill to allow the Secretary of Transportation more leeway to move money around and retract the furloughs.


Responding to the outrage, Obama indicates he will sign the bill. It appears his strategy of making sequester as painful as possible is backfiring. Democrats’ doomsday warnings that automatic budget cuts would cause thousands of jobs losses and economic havoc are now revealed as the obnoxious political ploy they are. Meanwhile, the Republican assertion that cutting just 2.4 percent of a $3.6 trillion budget is not Armageddon and that federal agencies can reduce non-essential programs and services, is gaining traction.

It’s difficult to believe that additional administration efforts to inflict maximum sequester pain will be credible after the “Obama Flight Plan Delays” debacle.
The  GOP in Florida got it right. From now on all such efforts should carry the president’s name.


1 Jeff Fiddler { 04.27.13 at 6:11 pm }

WWTFT? Tough luck – the gov’t shouldn’t be in the flight business any how. Let the airlines pay if they need flight regulation. Otherwise let them crash into one another like God intended.
Our founders pretty much thought the basic gov’t was only Mail delivery. It was the radical Republican Lincoln who got us into gov’t regulation with the railroads.
Cut the FAA budget to zero.


2 LD Jackson { 04.28.13 at 5:07 am }

Of course the GOP in Florida got it right. All of this is nothing but a political ploy being used by the liberals to force feed us the idea that we can not cut spending. It’s pure ridiculousness.


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