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Mid Week Links (Different Than Weak Links)

Several of our trusty WWTFT authors are on vacation this week, including yours truly.  Lest you begin to experience the pangs of WWTFT withdrawal, we humbly offer you some pointers to great conservative commentary from elsewhere in the blogosphere.


Old Virginia Blog | Getting Their Message Out



Old Virginia Blog | President Obama Makes History Again



J O S H U A P U N D I T | How Obama Fudged The Jobs Numbers After His Lousy Debate Performance


America’s Chronicle | It’s Time For Fairy Tales


Property…Freedom…Peace | Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Caught Up In The Thick Of Thin Things


Proof Positive | Separated at Birth?


America’s Watchtower | Elizabeth Warrens white great-grandfather shot a Native-American in 1906




Today’s History Lesson | The U.S. Air Force Rattles its Sabre


The Lonely Conservative | Desperate Dan Maffei Enlists Sandra Fluke To Fundraise For Him


Zilla of the Resistance (and friends!) at | Small Words for Little Brains



Western Free Press | Get readyhere comes Obamacare!



The Cranky Housewife| Wednesdays debate and what it will mean to voters | Joe Biden: Left Wing Genius



Forloveofgodandcountry’s Blog | The Presidents Got Some Splaining to Do



Mind-Numbed Robot | The Broken Promise Obama Economy Paul Ryan [unaired video]



The Tree of Mamre | Taiwanese Animators Take On The Romney-Obama Debate



Seeing Red AZ | New job figures reflect slight uptick to 7.8% & Update


Pixie Place II | Puppet or Puppetmaster, The Current Occupant is killing us.


Arizona Politics for Conservatives: Sonoran Alliance | Special Event for Martha McSally, Jonathan Paton & Vernon Parker with House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy


The Intellectual Conservative| When did Communism become an American Dream?


I Don’t Get It | But These Young People Cant Vote (Yet)


The People’s Cube | The altitude was to blame for Obama’s bad debate performance


Manhattan Infidel | Embassy Ball! Its Sweeping the World!


Doug Ross @ Journal | OH, THE HUMANITY: Obama SuperPACs pulling ads from Florida, Wisconsin to concentrate on… Nevada


Conservatives on Fire | Another Important Election Coming-up Sunday


SENTRY JOURNAL | Did the mainstream medias bias contribute towards President Obamas terrible debate performance?



Self Evident Truths | Euripides’ Observations


The Arizona Conservative | Is There Really any Doubt Wholl Create the Better Business Climate?


Blogodidact | Two Faced Claire – Her Right side doesn’t know what her Left side is doing… do you?!



Adrienne’s Corner | Stacy McCain: Reporting from Virginia. Fire-Code Capacity: INCREDIBLE Crowd for Romney-Ryan Rally in Virginia… | Something Smells Fishy To Me



Political Realities | Mitt Romney Trounces President Obama In First Debate



Political Realities | Fast and Furious Exposed


Godfather Politics | Media Reality Check on the Smartest Guy in the Room


WARD WORLD | Ohio shocker: GOP closes early voting gap, boosting Romney





Conservative Hideout 2.0 | Did the mainstream medias bias contribute towards President Obamas terrible debate performance?



Cold Fury | Groundswell: this is the moment when the wheels come off



The Daley Gator | Intelligence Officials Angered By Obama Regime Cover-Up Of Intelligence On Iranian, Al Qaeda Surge In Egypt And Libya



Bob Owens | I sort of want this, though Im not sure why



Illinois Review | But can they get Tina Fey to play Big Bird?


Liberty At Stake | Memo To Mittens … Re: Debates



Maggie’s Notebook | Muslim Persecution of Christians: August, 2012


A Conservative Teacher | Romney Demolishes Obama in Debate 1: Reality Wins over Myth


Conservative Byte | Half a Vote for Obama: Ron Paul Suggests Hell Vote For Gary Johnson


WyBlog | The fix is in, unemployment magically drops to 7.8% just in time for the election


Patriot’s Corner | IKEA sanitizes women out of catalog for Muslim country


Ironic Surrealism | FLOTUS Hasbeen Glare

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