Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Category — Book Review

The Geographer’s Library by Jon Fasman

The Geographer's Library
Fasman's The Geographer's Library is an interesting, if perplexing book, replete with mystery combined with great writing. Read the review »

February 26, 2015   No Comments

The Last Shot by Lynn Schooler

Last Shot
The Last Shot is the story of the Confederate privateer, the CSS Shenandoah. But this book will appeal to an audience beyond that of Civil War enthusiasts. Before the Shenandoah ever fires a shot, the story teems with intrigue. Confederate agents, Union spies, evasive British officials and angry Union officials are among the characters who scuttle across Schooler’s first 40 pages.Read the review »

February 24, 2015   No Comments

Cochrane, The Real Master and Commander by David Cordingly

Fans of the Patrick O'Brian Aubrey/Maturin books, C.S. Forrester's Hornblower books, and of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's series, pretty much have to go seek out a biography of Thomas Cochrane at some point. Fortunately this book exists.Read the review »

February 22, 2015   No Comments

Book Review: To Rule The Waves, How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World

To Rule the Waves is a fascinating history of the British navy from its inception to its diminution. The author very convincingly shows the impact that the Royal navy has had in shaping the world as it is today. Technology, the balance of power, philosophy, slavery, and above all free trade were all subjects directly impacted by British navy and its evolution.Read the review »

February 19, 2015   No Comments

William Washington, American Light Dragoon by Daniel Murphy

William Washington
This readers's interest as piqued concerning William Washington after reading John Ferling's Almost A Miracle. So when the Westholme sent WWTFT this new book, it quickly made it to the top of the stack.Read the review »

February 16, 2015   1 Comment

Book Review: Frankenstein: Dead and Alive

Don't bother with this book. In fact, don't bother reading the rest of this review unless you want to know why you shouldn't bother with this book.Read the review »

February 11, 2015   No Comments

Book Review: The Green Hills of Earth

This is the second in a series of Heinlein short story compilations. This assemblage is unified in the sense that Heinlein sets traditional heroic themes in his future world.Read the review »

February 10, 2015   No Comments

Sentinels of Fire by P.T. Deuterman

This is a novel that will appeal to readers interested in the WWII Pacific theater. The setting is Okinawa, 1945. Although the characters are mostly fictional, the events are very real. The action takes place on a picket line of sixteen radar-equipped destroyers positioned around Okinawa. They are there to warn the Allies of the approach of Japanese kamikaze planes. Sentinels of Fire is the story of a particular destroyer, the USS Malloy. Connie Miles, new chief executive officer, tells it. But although the focus is on the Malloy, it is also the story of the havoc reeked by kamikaze attacks on picket ships and men.Read the review »

January 19, 2015   No Comments

Book Review: The Man who Sold the Moon

This is one of several hundred very old sci-fi paperbacks my folks were dispensing with a few years back. I couldn't bear to let them go, although I don't know that I will live long enough to read all the books I have now. I like what I have read of Heinlein, so I grabbed this one for a quick diversion.Read the review »

January 18, 2015   No Comments

Founders’ Son A Life of Abraham Lincoln By Richard Brookhiser

Founders' Son
So much has been written about the 16th U.S. president that some may wonder what Brookhiser could add that has not already been amply covered. Read on to find out!Read the review »

January 15, 2015   2 Comments