Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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America: Imagine The World Without Her

The newest movie by Dinesh D’Souza is exceptionally well done.  It is much lower key than his previous documentary, 2016.  The movie begins with a re-enactment of scene from the Battle of Brandywine, in which George Washington is depicted on horseback urging his soldiers into the thick of the fight.  But in this alternative view, Washington is killed by a sniper.  This begins a brief series of “what if” questions.  What if Washington had been killed by British sniper?  What if Hitler and the Germans had developed the atomic bomb first?  What if Lincoln had never been president? And so forth.  D’Souza doesn’t answer these questions directly, but moves on to the real purpose of the film – laying out the attacks being leveled by the left against America – and answering them.

The left has recycled and combined multiple “indictments” against the United States, including:

  • America stole America from the Indians and committed genocide against them
  • America used the stolen labor of slaves
  • American pillaged and stole from other countries in imperialistic aggression
  • America uses capitalism to steal from the lower classes
  • America stole the southwest from Mexico

Calmly, and respectfully, D’Souza interviews several prominent leftists and asks them to explain their views.  (This viewer would not have been able retain his calm demeanor speaking to these people.)  At the very least, these folk are anti-American through and through.  In point of fact, many of them make no secret of hating the country in which they live.

After laying out the “indictments” D’Souza addresses each of them, providing a more balanced view by giving context and history.  For instance, he points out that, while America was not the only country stained by slavery, it did fight a brutal civil war to abolish it.  Slavery, while despicable, was not unique to the United States, nor limited to whites holding black slaves.

Aside from the methodical and calm analysis of what Obama and the other heirs of Saul Alinsky are promulgating in the culture, D’Souza and Gerald R. Molen do a good job with the actors and imagery,especially the guy they got to play Abraham Lincoln.

The movie is well put together and thoughtful  The left will hate it.  Go see it.


Perhaps the most powerful words spoken in this movie came from an unlikely source, Bono of U2.


1 Curtice Mang { 07.03.14 at 7:36 am }


Thanks for providing a brief review. I’m looking forward to seeing it.


Martin Reply:

You are welcome, Curtice. I was pretty tired when I got home last night, so a brief synopsis was all I could manage. It was very well done, calm and respectful, unlike many of the reviews I’ve since read!


2 Ann Herzer { 07.03.14 at 7:52 am }

I plan on seeing the movie. It will be good to see something pro-American.

One of my forefathers and patriots, George McDowell was wounded and left behind in the Battle of Brandywine along with other wounded because Washington had to march all night to escape the British. On the way to Valley Forge, he lost another battle at Germantown, PA.

Valley Forge was picked by Washington because he was a surveyor and he needed a place to hide his staggered Army. He knew what he was doing. My forefather shows on the muster roll at Valley Forge starting in Jan. 1778, and we don’t know where he was in the meantime. The British took the wounded from Brandywine and placed them in their ships and hospitals and never returned the records to the USA as they were supposed to do. The records are most likely buried in some archives in the UK. Thanks for the preview!


Martin Reply:

Wow! That’s kind of cool. I’m only second – generation American.


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