Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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A Powerful Paragraph ….

Reading Powerlineblog, I stumbled on this story:

Two teenage victims of an acid attack in Zanzibar are being treated in a specialist burns unit in London as police were ordered to arrest a radical Islamic preacher suspected of inspiring the assault.  

The teenagers, who were on a month-long break volunteering for a charity when two men on a moped threw the acid over them, suffered injuries to their faces, hands, legs, backs, necks and chests.  – The Telegraph

Powerlineblog observed:

Hasn’t the time come to ask whether any person of good will can continue to be a Muslim? We keep hearing that the terrorists and their supporters are a minority, although polls are disquieting at best. But if there is a Muslim majority that does something beneficial to counterbalance the evil of terrorism, where is it? The cardinal rule of epistemology is, by the fruit we know the tree. What is the fruit of Islam? The world’s patience, one hopes, has limits.

It is something to think about. Despite what the left would have us believe, the concept of blanket condemnation for a religion is not the norm in America, unless, ironically, it is the Progressive hatred of the Christian faith.

Again, in spite of the best efforts of Progressives, no one would seriously lump all Christianity into the incredibly small number of abortion doctor murderers. There is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that Christians worldwide make a concerted effort to help all kinds of people – even Muslims.

Powerlineblog asks: “… if there is a Muslim majority that does something beneficial to counterbalance the evil of terrorism, where is it?”


1 Jeff Edelman { 08.13.13 at 8:41 pm }

I don’t particularly care what the majority or minority of muslims do. These barbaric acts are sanctioned by the Koran. Now some muslims may not have the stomach for these kinds of acts but, they don’t necessarily disagree with them. Just like I may not have the stomach to kill a muslim but, I don’t have any qualms when others do. My theory is that those muslims that don’t have the stomach for the carnage and killing are lying low for the day when their fellow muslims have established the worldwide caliphate. Then they can stick their “bloodless” hand in their pockets, pull out their muslim card and say, “I was with you all the time.” Only problem is they’re going to need at least four cards (wahabi, sunni, Shiite, or salafist ). And, they better pray allah they get the right one on the first try. So, to the muslims out there, when you win the war, get ready for the war; an eternal war.


2 Howard Nelson { 02.07.15 at 5:09 pm }

Yes, and I would add the thought that if a Muslim in any way criticizes another Muslim, the criticizer is considered a sinner and is subject to serious punishments.
That is another reason the Muslim majority is silent and therefore accepting of the atrocities committed in loyalty to Allah and his commands.


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