Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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You Say You Want A Revolution …

Revolution starts in the heart… and in the home.

I guess there is a tipping point.    For years, we have been awash with the propaganda, historical revisionism and culture (if you can call it that) of the Left.   The media, Hollywood and the education system all have in varying degrees, infiltrated our homes and have spread their lies and deception over all of us.   We just were too busy raising families and trying to run our lives to give it a lot of attention.    We knew it was going on, but we tended to filter it out.   We watched the plot lines of movies and television dramas pillory the “evil corporation”, rotten capitalists, and abusers of the environment, as though this represented reality instead of propaganda.  We watched as the bad guys weren’t Islamic terrorists anymore, but “right wing extremists”.   (Note there is never a “left wing extremist” villain)  We contented ourselves to be entertained by the chase scenes or the really neat special effects and tried to ignore the rest.

The Politics of EnvyEventually, the lies and the attacks on our values got more aggressive and became overwhelming.  We are inundated with the politics of envy from the orchestrated Occupy movement, the attack on success and the assault on the traditional  family.   Now, it’s not enough to “live and let live” when it comes to homosexuality.  We are now required to accept it as an equivalent alternative to heterosexual behavior or be condemned as “homophobes” (whatever that means) or bigots.  It’s not even behavior anymore.   It’s Identity,  like being black or Hispanic or a woman.   Somehow, character stopped counting.    When someone lies, and they have the right Identity or are “right-thinking,”  it doesn’t matter.  After all, Elizabeth Warren probably is 1/32 Native-American.  Sure.  Whatever it takes to move the agenda forward.

“Forward” … another new-old Leftspeak word meaning continual deconstruction of the old values and systems.  Deconstruction is in itself a goal.  Destroy, revise, tear down.  The institutions that served us throughout our history and promoted the values of freedom, individual rights, protection from the government, and the free expression of recognizing a higher moral authority than government, our Judeo-Christian heritage, must all be “deconstructed” to make way for the great leap forward.  Funny how the rhetoric is always the same.

Forward!At some point in the past few years, I realized that the Left has declared war on my family.   This is a new revelation to me, because like most of us, I was irritated, even angry with the Left for the misinformation, but I didn’t think they were at war with me.   I recognized the necessity to decode my children’s school books and filter the television shows and movies they were watching.   I realized the importance of  explaining that the world was not coming to an end because of Global Cooling (70’s-80’s), Global Warming (90’s) or Climate Change (current), and that fossil fuels were plentiful, not evil.   Furthermore, CO2 is not a poison gas, but an absolute requirement for life on earth.    I have had to explain that DDT actually saved lives and that over 50 million people have died worldwide from malaria because of a lie from someone named Rachel Carson and the irresponsible idiots that followed.  I have pointed out that nuclear energy is not evil, but the safest most efficient and least environmentally intrusive of all energy sources and that “millions of people” did not die at Chernobyl.  The number was less than 50 and there was no increase in infertility.   Lies, lies. Lies.  It’s what they do.  Lie and demonize.

And when they are not lying, they are all about disruption and self-justification.   I have had to explain that a child is not a “choice” but a human life that deserves protections.  And that some 30 million children since 1973 have never had the opportunity to take a breath because it was inconvenient.  I have taught that people should not get special treatment, or tax breaks, or different standards to meet, just because they are a particular color or gender or practice a particular religion.    After all, if it is wrong for whites to get special privileges, should it not be equally wrong for any other group?   It seems obvious that marriage is between a man and a woman – check the plumbing.   Marriage is not with two men, or two women, or a man and a sheep, except in Iran, or a man and a 6 year old girl, or a man and 5 women, except in Saudi Arabia (or Arizona City.)

I have had to explain that there is evil in the world.  People have the capacity both for great good and for horrific evil, and we cannot ignore what happens when good men do nothing.  The history of the world is an ever unfolding story of the battle between good and evil.   There are virtues that transcend results.  The end does not justify the means.

There is inequality everywhere and envy is evil.  Money or lack of it does not determine happiness.   Some people are born into wealth and some people are not.   Some people are born handsome or beautiful and slim and trim, and some people are not.  Some are tall and some are short, some are athletic and some are clumsy.   Advantages are given to some and some have to work harder than others to get the same results.  The things that separate us and define us and distinguish us are what we do with what we were given.  The quality of our choices matter, not the things we have no control over.  The best opportunity for the greatest number of people comes when folks are left free to chart their own course, to innovate, to invent, to produce.  A rising tide floats all boats.   There are no limitations to what benefits occur when people are released and free to pursue their goals and dreams.    This is not an opinion, it is a fact of history.    It is also a fact of history that government only restricts and limits and creates the lowest possible equivalency level, not our highest potential.

I have had to explain the obvious in a world filled with liars and miscreants who are so confused they don’t even believe in right and wrong, let alone have the ability to discern it.

But what’s changed for me in the past few years is the revelation that the Left is not content to let me live quietly with my values and raise my children to believe in those values.  My existence to them is an existential threat.   I have realized finally, that the Left hates me.   They want me to go away.    They want my values to go away, and they understand that my values are MY identity.    And it’s my identity that they hate.   They hate my God, they hate my bookshelves, my love for John Wayne, my belief in right and wrong, my independence from “help”, and most of all they hate my Truth. And the fact that I share it.

In truth, the Left wants me to die.   And the sooner the better.

They have been content to plant their worms into our institutions and patiently and gradually corrupt them.    But they smell victory and they are tired of waiting for our generation to die out.  We are the reason that Ronald Reagan was possible.  We outnumbered them.  Those of us not corrupted by the endless onslaught of 2 generations of propaganda.  We had too much real world experience and knowledge.  We understood the blessing of freedom and the tyranny of elitism.  We knew better than what they were trying to teach us.  We offered Truth as an alternative to their wishful thinking and the John Lennon reflections of their “Imagine-nation”.     Like cockroaches, they cannot stand the light.    Many of them have created a world of darkness where they don’t ever have to be exposed to truth.  They only talk to those they agree with. They serve and live within institutions of their making, but paid for by our beneficence.  They live in the illusions that they have created at our expense.  We foot the bill for their Imagine-arium, their university colonies, their public institutions.   And they want to grow these dark communities.  They want to expand Mordor and as time goes on, they can no longer tolerate the light, like Morlocks.  Those of us who carry the torches must be eliminated.   This is the war that they have declared on me and my family.   And suddenly not a day goes by that I don’t realize that I have decisions and choices that this realization forces me to make.


For some, it started with Avatar and the Dixie Chicks.  James Cameron and Natalie Maines were in our faces.   Should we pay for entertainment to enrich the pockets of Sean Penn, George Clooney, Matt Damon and others who have declared war on our values?   Hell no.  Not a dime.  I won’t listen to NPR, or read Rolling Stone, Time or Newsweek.  I don’t need to wallow with the pigs to know what their excrement smells like.  It is enough for me to know what they spew.  I don’t need to know the brand.  And I don’t need to wear it.

Every day I learn a little more, and as much as it is possible, not one minute or one dollar of my resources will go in the direction of those who want me gone.  Why would I possibly fund my own destruction?   Why would we allow a nanosecond of our precious time on earth to be infiltrated by more lies and corruption.

I am paying more attention now.   I am finding out who and what is part of the virulence.  AARP, Arby’s, Progressive Insurance, GE, NBC (owned by GE), and the vast majority of the Hollywood establishment. Do your research.  It’s a big list, much bigger than I ever realized.  And a good share of America’s universities are on that list.   The irony is that today there is over 1 trillion dollars in student loan debt, and God only knows how much of that was used to fund useless and unmarketable degrees in Social Justice, or Urban Studies and the like, for which there are no jobs in the real world for these victims.  Is it any wonder that Obama is reaching out to them for support by promising relief for the very enslavement that his ilk has created?   We have a whole new dependent class.  And what decisions do we now make for educating our children?  Do we, like lemmings, continue to fund Mordor?

No, I am not filtering anymore.  It is not enough.  I am rejecting, and I am turning away.    I am revolting against those who seek to destroy my way of life and my family and the future I want them to have.  Revolution starts in the heart and in the home. It’s a matter of refusing to be silent and speaking truth against the wall of lies. Of praying against evil and for the truth to reign.  We have to set an example.  We have to reject and then propose.  We have to turn the lies aside and tell that truth. They won’t like that.  Remember, Morlocks hate the light.  It will not be convenient and it may be expensive.   And in the end it will likely cost more than time and money.    We may have to learn the meaning of sacrifice.  I don’t expect to change any of them.  If there is one thing I have learned lately, it is that they have likely been turned over to reprobate minds.   It’s really not about them anyway, it’s about Truth for its own sake, and it’s about me and my family.   It’s about choosing which master we will serve.  The outcome is not for us to predict.  In truth, as believers, we know the outcome.  As the old 60’s saying goes, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  As Bob Dylan said, “you gotta serve somebody”.

What choice do we have really?    Who is not for them is against them.   And if you reject their lies, then they are most definitely against you.   The lines are being drawn.  So it has always been.


1 Jeff Edelman { 05.12.12 at 8:09 pm }

Here! Here! Eric.


2 BonnieGadsden { 06.07.12 at 12:50 pm }

The revolution has also started in my heart, and I am working on extending that revolution to my home.


Erich Sielaff Reply:

Hi Bonnie…….My challenge is to start on my knees. That’s where the biggest battles are won….through prayer. And we have to encourage one another.


3 Toaster802 { 06.10.12 at 11:02 am }

Well and truly put. I linked to this post, plus added you to my blogroll. Shared on Facebook also.

Thank you And I look forward to reading more from you!


Martin Reply:

Back at you. Thanks.


4 Fastercat { 06.10.12 at 9:24 pm }



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