Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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We Are In Big Trouble

The President is a liar, and we are in big trouble.  (No, really, I mean it!)

In case anyone is not paying attention, we are in the process of fighting a major battle for the future of America.

When I would read this kind of opening statement I would roll my eyes and say to myself, “OK …. let’s not get carried away here.    Yes, we have issues, but it’s not helpful to have this kind of wild hyperbole or generic panic messaging.   It doesn’t help to win hearts and minds to go over the top.”

OK, that’s what I used to say.  Now I am the one writing.   And forget the generic panic.  Let’s be specific.   What is “fast and furious” but an attack on the rule of law? What is the barrage of attacks on business and the financial sector being waged by the White House, (specifically the President of the United States) but a war on free enterprise? We are accustomed to some modicum of honesty coming out of the mouths of our leaders, at least when it comes to their agendas.

This is the first president in history who is an unrepentant, deliberate and calculating liar. This is not a character attack.  It’s a description.  Like asking, “how would you describe him so I would recognize him?  Oh, that’s easy, he is tall, handsome, articulate, sort of black, young looking and a liar.”

Not a compulsive, defensive liar, like Clinton or Nixon, but a calculating liar.  He lies because if he told the truth, people would know what he intends.  There are only two ways that President Obama publicly speaks about his agenda:  One is in code, using language that is at best ambiguous, but clear to those who are paying attention; the other is by accident, when he slips and makes a statement that carelessly reveals something that he didn’t want revealed.

We are not used to liars as presidents. Not that kind. We understand that a certain amount of dishonesty is, unfortunately, common among politicians, but we are not used to the leader of the free world deliberately misrepresenting himself; cloaking himself in obfuscation, about the things that we assume are givens for our leaders.

We assume he is like us.   And we assume he likes us.   We assume he is an American in the way that we understand Americans to be.  Americans love a winner and hate to lose.   Americans root for the underdog.   Americans are self-reliant, and independent.  They take responsibility for themselves.  Americans are supremely optimistic.   Americans care about others and want to help those in need.   Americans are generous, giving and kind.   Americans love and cherish freedom. Americans believe in paying their fair share, and don’t like it when advantage is taken of the less fortunate. Americans hate bullies. Americans don’t want to see others suffer.  Americans understand that there are good people and bad people in the world and that bad people will not stop being bad until good people do something to stop them.   Americans are willing to give almost anyone a second chance.   Americans try and live by the golden rule.   Americans think it’s bad to be envious and bitter and think it’s good to celebrate the success of others and to encourage people who succeed.    Americans are fair minded and want to see everyone get an even break.

These are characteristics that I think, for the most part, describe most Americans, no matter their gender, color, religion, ethnicity, or income level.   Its what makes us ONE nation and ONE people.

But Obama and the Left are not about unity. They are about divisiveness.  And they use the very things that bind Americans together, to drive them apart. We are inherently fair-minded, so Obama uses that as a wedge to promote jealousy and anger against those who have more than others. The Left knows we hate bullies, so they change the word to mean something else. You are now a “bully” if you don’t support gay marriage or you don’t believe homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality.

Obama has turned the word “Fair” into something ugly.   “It’s not “fair” in Obama’s construction that some people have more money than other people.  (Unless, the rich are enlightened like he is.)  The elite of course, don’t have to justify their wealth as the so-called “greedy” business person does.   The phrase “get rich on the backs of others” is a way to turn Americans of the lower and middle classes against those in the upper class. However, the fact is that no one ever was given a job by a poor person.  When people succeed, they are rewarded by the fruits of their success. They invest to become more successful, and create more wealth.  The people they hire, the companies they buy from, the companies and people they sell to are all beneficiaries of that success.  The infrastructure that their wealth builds, benefits all Americans.  (Thank you Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren, government didn’t build the roads, taxpayers did).

It is success that produces other successes.  It has a multiplier effect that has made America the wealthiest nation on earth. But Obama and the Left turn attention away from these advantages and decry  the benefits the successful have earned. He does not explain free enterprise, either because he does not understand it (and why would he?), or he wants to destroy it.  Why would he want to do that: Because free enterprise decentralizes power and wealth and allows individuals to have that which is beyond government control. “Capitalism” is another bad word.   The president  thinks (like all good Marxists) that the government should “redistribute” wealth.  He told us that in 2008, but we just let it pass, “no, he didn’t mean it THAT way”.

Oh, yes he did.

The Left does not understand how wealth is created.  They think that wealth is finite.  That there is a limited supply and it must be controlled and redistributed by those (in his view) best able to do so in a fair and equitable way (according to his and their definition). Why do you think his former communications director said that the two people in history she admires most are Mother Theresa and Chairman Mao?  Why do you think President Obama surrounds himself with people like her, Van Jones, Andy Stern, and other avowed or practicing Marxists.  Do we not understand that this is who he is?

Apparently, not!   We believe that because he is the President he must be an American (not in the birther sense, but in the “soul” sense).  He is not even Black really. He claimed to be the first post-racial President, but he plays the race card at every opportunity.  The irony is thick.  Ask Jesse Jackson, who in his unguarded moments, has expressed his hatred for this “poseur”.

He is not like us. He doesn’t see America the way we see it.  He lies and tells us what he thinks we want to hear, but he behaves far differently. He embodies the Saul Alinsky playbook and the playbook of all Marxists.   Lie, deceive, divide; whatever it takes to advance the agenda of destroying capitalism. Whatever it takes to take America down a notch. In his view, we consume too much, we have too much audacity and the world hates us because we are arrogant and pushy.  So the answer is to diminish us and bow down to show humility. Forget the fact that we have died by the hundreds of thousands to give freedom to literally millions around the world.  Forget that the great technological innovations, responsible for saving millions of lives across the planet, came from the system he hates and thinks is unfair because it has prospered millions of Americans.  Forget (and lie) about the fact that America BY FAR has been a force for good in the world and improved the quality of more lives in the 20th century than any other nation in all of recorded history.  These are the facts, so we expect our president to be proud of America, not disdainful of its occupants.

He does not appear to like us, because he does not like us.  We see the flag and the dais and we think he is like others who occupied the Oval Office. It is a big disconnect for us to think there could actually be someone in the White House who dislikes us.   But once you learn to pay attention to his actions and to divine what he is really promoting, it’s all clear.

It doesn’t make sense when he claims to have created “or saved” (my favorite bit of misdirection) 5 million jobs, but everyone we know who was unemployed 3 years ago is still unemployed. It doesn’t make sense that the black youth unemployment rate is the highest in history at 45%, when in the evil racist America of the 50’s, it was only 8%.  It doesn’t make sense that taxpayers who don’t want to pay for abortion or contraception are accused of waging “War on Women,” or that there is $1 Trillion in student loan debt, yet national studies show that far too many college graduates lack basic knowledge of American history and institutions. Americans don’t understand why 20-25 year old unemployment is the highest in our history, or why there are more people on food stamps now than at any time in history, yet, our president says “things are getting better.”  Americans remember that this President promised the stimulus would revive the economy.  They also know that our national debt has gone up 50% in just 3 years, more than the entire sum total of our first 200 years. President Obama says that we don’t have sufficient resources to develop, but the Government Accountability Office told Congress the Green River Formation out West contains an “amount about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves.” We have more oil resources than Saudi Arabia and most of the rest of the world combined, but they are  not being developed.  Obama says he is not against the pipeline, but he stopped it from being built.  He says that oil production has increased during his presidency, but it only increased on private land where he had no control over it.  On public land, it decreased.  Divide, divide, divide, lie, lie, lie, and a complicit and unquestioning media emboldens him and his minions to do more of the same.

But Americans are catching on.  The disconnect between what he says, and what he does is no longer being ignored. As Abraham Lincoln said, you cannot fool all the people all the time.   It has taken awhile to penetrate the inherent decency that most Americans have: To give the president the benefit of the doubt. This President has abused our decency. He has maligned us. He disrespects us. He believes he is smarter and, better than we are. He has lectured us, he has lied to us, and he has condescended to us. He, unlike his predecessors, Democrat or Republican, does not care about us one way or the other, and I believe in my heart that he wishes only that we would shut up and do what we are told.

The question is, what are we prepared to do about it.


1 middleagedhousewife { 05.17.12 at 3:23 pm }

Excellent article. It explains so clearly what President Obama’s real agenda is. The problem is convincing the public who still believe that he is still bringing ” hope and change”. Those who are happy to give up personal freedom as long as they are promised a life free from worry or want.


Erich Sielaff Reply:

Its really hard to say the words, “our President is a liar”. I feel uncomfortable even now having had almost 4 years of proof. But I am even more uncomfortable knowing that the President is a Marxist. Reading the words make my stomach hurt. He has fooled the ignorant, the young and the politically unsavvy. But I am hopeful that his days in office are numbered. The admonition to all of us is that we must be vigilant, because the Left is on the prowl. They know how close they are to “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” into a tragedy.


2 Michele Blair { 05.17.12 at 9:33 pm }

Great synopsis! Will cross-post!



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