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Suzy Bogguss – The Genuine Article

I have been a Suzy Bogguss Fan since the first time I ever heard her on the radio, driving around in my ’71 Pontiac, sometime in the late ’80’s.   I fell in love with her honey-smooth sweet voice from the moment I heard it.  I was impatient to find out who was singing “that song.”

At the time my soon-to-be-wife and I had just splurged on a CD player, which we had plugged into the back of JVC boom box that had an AUX-IN at the back.    Moment of Truth was one of the first CD’s I bought.  (Others were: Alternating Currents, Back in The High Life, and an unexpected gift of More To This Life.)

I went on to purchase every CD she ever released.  But, I never had the opportunity to see her perform, until this year.  When I learned that she was going to be in town, I jumped at the chance to go.  As luck would have it, a family member connected with a local radio station and long-time Arizona institution Sanderson Ford (a sponsor), worked it out so that I could meet the lady herself!

With Suzy B.

The best word I can use to describe Suzy Bogguss is genuine.  Gracious is another good word.  She and her husband Doug Crider were very nice, amiable, patient and humble.  They were people, who, in spite of the circles in which they have traveled, were still just “folks.”   They have not succumbed to arrogance or pride.  This grounding is evident in her statement about parting ways with Capital Records,

I had a great tenure with Capitol, during which I weathered a lot of changes in both personnel and philosophy. From Jim Foglesong to Pat Quigley and everyone in between, I appreciate having been a part of the Capitol family. We celebrated a lot of successes together, including Grammy nominations, hit records, and platinum albums. I have a number of projects on my plate right now.  This gives me the freedom to pursue those opportunities.

American Songbook by Suzy BoggussHer latest project is the American Folk Songbook.  This project was inspired by her realization that a big chunk of Americana is being lost.  It’s her effort to rejuvenate interest in some of the great music of early America.  The album is one of her best.

She performed only a few tracks from the American Folk Songbook in a concert marred only by its brevity.  The concert was held at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM).  This venue is small and intimate.  There isn’t a bad seat in the house.  Evidently, ticket sales were better than anticipated, because they added a second show at some point after the first sold out, which necessarily limited the first show’s length.  (Although I tried, I was unable to convince my wife to stay for the second show.)

Bogguss was joined on stage only by bassist Charlie Chadwick and guitarist Pat Bergeson.  The trio performed in a relaxed manner that included the audience on several songs, like Eat at Joe’s and The Red River Valley.  Bergeson plays a mean guitar and also treated the audience to an incredible harmonica solo.

It was a great show!

Suzy At The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)

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1 Michael Sanera { 03.28.12 at 6:04 am }

Me too…. I have loved her from the start. thanks for the review.


Martin Reply:

You bet, Michael. She is way under-appreciated, in my book.


Kirk Reply:

Early 90s I went to see Dwight Yoakum in concert and this spitfire in a great skirt comes firing out of the gate. I had never heard of her or her music. I wanted to take her home to meet mom after her set. We were pretty close and she looked directly at me. I was love sick. What a beauty and a great talent. Oh those legs and smile!


Martin Reply:

Best thing is, she is a heck of nice person and still sounds fantastic too!

2 steve { 04.02.12 at 3:49 am }

It’s nice to meet a favorite artist and they turn out to be a great person as well.


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