Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Some Imagery From The Restoring Honor Rally

Consider, as you watch the brief video clip below, the difference in tone between Al Sharpton’s “rally” and the Restoring Honor rally.  This clip was filmed at about 9:20am local time in Washington D.C.  In these few seconds, you can hear the speaker suggest ownership of Dr. King’s memory, indignation, and accusations of “separatism” (implicit racism), among other things.

This friendly and positive banner commemorating Dr. King was proudly displayed in conjunction with the Reverend Al Sharpton’s event.

Positive Message Conveyed by Sharpton's Anti-honor Rally

Here is the “crowd” that gathered around the Reverend Al Sharpton’s “rally”.

Sharpton's anti-honor "crowd"

Here is a tiny snapshot of the crowd as it made it’s way to the Lincoln Memorial before the event.

Here are some photos taken from in the crowd on the left side of the reflecting pool.

Restoring Honor Crowd

Restoring Honor Rally Crowd

During the speeches and singing, anti-Beck protesters felt the need to express their opinions by waving some fairly obnoxious signs and trying to provoke a response from attendees. They didn’t appear to get one.

Protestor at Restoring Honor Rally

Another Clean Cut Individual Protesting Restoring Honor Rally

Protester at Restoring Honor Rally

The costume imagery from Restoring Honor Rally participants was a bit more positive.

Sam Adams


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