Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Saturday Links – (on Sunday)

It was a busy week for bloggers. We had a sitting Attorney General held in contempt of Congress. We had two strange rulings from the Supreme Court and the usual usurpations of power by the Great O, with regard to executive order and selective enforcement of the law.

All in all, even the wins were pointless. Holder’s contempt finding will go nowhere because of executive corruption/cover. SB1070 is effectively toothless because of the Obama government’s refusal to uphold the law and indeed do the opposite by mandating that ICE not cooperate with local authorities – in Arizona – where we have to damn many criminals crossing the border.

Yup. I’m angry. Sorry ’bout that.

Enjoy the links. I didn’t find a lot to be cheerful about in any of them, except in knowing the people that wrote them are of substance and quality.

Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy | The Real Answer to Obamacare

Blogodidact | You have No ‘Constitutional Rights’. None. Nada.

Liberty At Stake | An Open Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts


The Tree of Mamre | Classy: Obama Campaign Introduces Health Reform Still a BFD T-Shirts | Ironic: Conservatives pinning hopes for repeal of ObamaCare on the guy responsible for RomneyCare

Mind-Numbed Robot | Israel Shows Leadership on Illegal Immigration

Manhattan Infidel | Constitutional Scholar Threatened by Latinos with Forks and Knives

Conservatives on Fire | America Was Betrayed By Chief Justice Roberts

America’s Chronicle | Supreme Court’s New Role: Impose Taxes

J O S H U A P U N D I T | Egyptian President Morsi Calls For U.S. Release Of WTC Planner Sheik Rahmen

Conservative Hideout 2.0 | Get Your Free Obama Phone

America’s Watchtower | Video: Allen West calls SCOTUS Obamacare ruling behavior modification through taxation

Western Free Press | The true story of the GM bailout

Seeing Red AZ | A call to action

Arizona Politics for Conservatives: Sonoran Alliance | No Taxation by Misrepresentation!

Forloveofgodandcountry’s Blog | Voter ID Laws Are About Confidence and Integrity

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead | Horseplay At The D.O.J.

Cold Fury | Lights out

A Conservative Teacher | Rule of Law is an Illusion: My Reflections on Obamacare Decision

I Don’t Get It | I Was Right Tonya Dixon-Neely Gets To Keep Her Job

Ironic Surrealism | Obama State Dept. Refuses To Explain How An Egyptian Terrorist Gained Access To The White House

Old Virginia Blog | Undermining Parents & Personal Responsibility

Political Realities | Chief Justice John Roberts Savior of Obamacare

The Bitter Americans | Experience in Politics? Is That a Good Thing?

Godfather Politics | Using the Power to Destroy us Through Taxation for 200 Years

Doug Ross @ Journal | Super: Chief Justice Roberts mocks conservative critics, jokes that he’s leaving U.S. for “island fortress”.

The Lonely Conservative | Will Attorney General Eric Holder Be Arrested Now That Hes In Contempt of Congress?

Maggie’s Notebook | ObamaCare SCOTUS Dissenters Leave Big Clues in Dissent?

The People’s Cube | OBAMACARE: Let’s Celebrate the Sweet Road to Serfdom

Ana the Imp | Disagreement is Gay

Conservative Byte | See Muslim mob stone Christians in U.S.!

thesteadyconservative | What?

WyBlog | Capping off his despotic week, Obama reimposed that 27-year offshore drilling ban

The Path to Tyranny Blog | Supreme Court approves of unlimited taxes

SENTRY JOURNAL | ObamacareWhat Now?


1 Jim { 07.01.12 at 5:47 pm }

I am angry too and a little depressed. Thanks for the great links. In that spirit, I would like to offer this link as a way to bring a smile to your face.
The site doesn’t have anything to do with the founders, but it is an hilarious read and a great marketing strategy. Try to guess what is really being sold on the site. I’ll give you a clue. You might be reviewing it in the near future on whatwouldthefoundersthink!


Martin Reply:

Great satire!


2 `John Carey { 07.01.12 at 7:35 pm }

Thanks for the link Martin. It is greatly appreciated.


Martin Reply:

You are absolutely welcome. Happy 4th!


3 Robot { 07.03.12 at 5:02 pm }

Belated appreciation for the linkage, Martin. This will be a holiday where I celebrate an idea but mourn the state we find ourselves in. Liberty is vanishing faster than we can document it. The lack of will in congress to fight for our rights in the realm of politics will lead to the people having to fight for them in the world, i fear.
God bless you and yours, my friend.


Martin Reply:

You are most welcome, sir.


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