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Saturday Links: Creepy Text Message Edition

We had a big thunderstorm last night, which is not unusual for this time of year in the Valley of the Sun. When I got up this morning I had text message about the thunderstorm and a new app I’d never seen before on my phone.

presidential messages can't be shut off

I had heard a news story about the new emergency broadcast system for cell phones, but I still found this vaguely disturbing.  You can shut off all the alerts except one – which is “mandatory.”

Catholibertarian | Does Metaphysics Bridge Gap Between Science and Philosophy?

Dr. John Crosby gives his response to Dr. Benjamin Wilker’s presentation Can Science Demonstrate the Existence of God? What’s a Catholic to Think?


It is the coldest July on record, so far.

It’s not in your head: The National Weather Service says that so far this is the coldest July on record in Anchorage. The average temperature for the first 12 days of this month — typically the warmest of the year — was just 52.7 degrees. That’s more than a degree cooler than the second coldest first half of July, in 1956, when the average temperature was 53.8 degrees, said NWS meteorologist Bob Hopkins.

Adrienne’s Corner | Son of Scott Walker: Idaho is the next Wisconsin…

and we need everyone’s help.

Just as we all pitched in to help Scott Walker in Wisconsin, the next battle will be with the libtards of Idaho trying to repeal the sweeping reforms brought to us by Tom Luna, our education superintendent.From the Wall Street Journal (June 26, 2011)Son of Scott Walker  Already, union thugs from around the country have invaded our lovely little conservative state to cause mayhem, and to disseminate fear and lies about the reforms Mr. Luna has brought to the state of Idaho.   Reforms, I might add, that have the approval of the majority of the citizens of Idaho.  Accompanying these invaders is money – lots of money.

TOM Blog | Over 30% of President Obamas 2009-2011 Gross Income Came From Foreign Sources

This whole kerfuffle about Mitt Romney, Bain, and off-shoring (not “outsourcing”, as or uneducated, credentialed president seems to think), is pure nonsense. At the same time, the best defense is a good offense, so in many ways, Romney has brought this on himself. If, for the last three years, he had been hammering away at Obama’s record (and he really hasn’t),  and if even now he was willing to go after Obama in the same way he and his minions went after his GOP challengers, then this would not be a news story right now. | Obama Economics: My job is to think about the workers. My job is to think about communities

Even by the metric established by Obama himself “my job is to think about the workers” his performance is a failure of epic proportions. By focusing on workers and communities where jobs have been outsourced, only 1 million jobs have been added to the Civilian Labor Force during Obama’s term to-date.

Manhattan Infidel | An Important Message from President Obama

My last fundraiser held by the girl from Sex in the City – you know the one who looks like a horse – was very successful.  Anna Wintour was there as well.  I had a great time talking to her.  Though originally she mistook me for a butler and asked me to freshen her drink.

Conservatives on Fire | Will Obamas Strategy of Divide and Conquer be the Death Knell of Socialism in America?

The Barack Obama who campaigned for the presidency in 2008 promoted himself as the great uniter and healer. Since taking office, however, he has done nothing but divide Americans and rub salt in old wounds. His way of doing this is classic Marxist and Fabian socialist tactic of inventing or reinventing the meaning of words.

America’s Chronicle | America Is Not Greece, It Is Spain . . . and A Little Worst.

Spain’s banking system has just been bailed out by the European Community in order to avoid having to bailout the country and its central government fiscal hole. The United States banking industry does not need a bailout, but the Federal Government does. In the case of the United States the reverse of Spain might be true: we will need a bailout of the central government in order to save the banking industry, and along with it, a general economic collapse.It would serve us well to do a test of economic sobriety along our route of transformation into a European type social democracy, a goal to which our present government, with the semi-acquiescence and intellectual absence of the growingly dependent population, is intent on taking us.

J O S H U A P U N D I T | Romney To Be In Jerusalem For Tisha B’Av

Mitt Romney has confirmed that he will be in Jerusalem on T’isha B’av (the 9th of the Hebrew month Av), which falls this year in Israel on Sunday, July 29. This is normally a day of ritual mourning when pious Jews fast in remembrance of the destruction of the first and second Temples.This is by no means a light holiday and Governor and Mrs. Romney reportedly questioned whether it would be appropriate for them to visit Israel on this date, but PM Netanyahu not only urged the Romneys to be in Jerusalem on T’ishaB’av but invited them to the Prime Minister’s residence for the traditional meal to break the fast after sundown. Governor Romney and PM Netanyahu already have a friendly relationship, but Romney being in Jerusalem on this particular day tells me this is going to be a significant occasion for both men..and possibly for both nations.

Boston 1775 | John and Abigail Adams’s Love Letters

Last month the Boston Globe highlighted the letters between John and Abigail Adams and a theatrical presentation based on them.
At 1 p.m. on July 28 and Aug. 26, the Adams scholars and living-history performers will present Love Letters: The Intimate Correspondence of John and Abigail Adams.The 20 or so letters featured in the free presentation span from the early years of their courtship, which began in 1759, to early 1778, when John and son John Quincy sailed to France…..The Adamses were not only both intelligent and lively writers, but they were keenly aware of their potential place in history, so they saved most of their papers.

Conservative Hideout 2.0 | Bud Abbott and Lou Costello on Unemployment

Internet meme….

COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America.

ABBOTT: Good subject. Terrible times. It’s about 9%.

COSTELLO: That many people are out of work?

ABBOTT: No, that’s 16%. COSTELLO: You just said 9%.

ABBOTT: 9% Unemployed. COSTELLO: Right 9% out of work.

ABBOTT: No, that’s 16%. COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s […]

Conservative Outcry | Speaker Boehner, Whatever You’re Doing Sucks…So Stop It!

Agrees with the Democrats in their opposition of yet another vote to repeal Obamacare.

America’s Watchtower | Barack Obama refuses to apologize to Mitt Romney and says Romney needs to answer questions about his past even though Obama accepted money from Bain outsourcers

Yesterday the Obama campaign floated the idea that Mitt Romney might be a felon, this was quickly debunked and Mitt Romney called on the regime to apologize for this baseless accusation. Today not only did Barack Obama not apologize to Mitt Romney but he sort of doubled down on the smear …

Western Free Press | Eminent Domain Is Bad Mortgage Fix: Rep. Schweikert

If delinquencies and strategic defaults were not risk enough for investors wading into the mortgage market to face, a new wrinkle is being considered in California the concept of eminent domain introduced into the private marketplace.

You have to read this.  One more reason to hate California.

Seeing Red AZ | ASU center advises softer approach to Islamic extremism

If you’ve been wondering what your tax dollars have been funding lately, you need go no further Arizona State University’s Center for Strategic Communication.

The Arizona Conservative | Administration Eases Burdensome Work Requirement for Welfare Recipients

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued notice that it is rewriting the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) reform law of 1996. Specifically, HHS is notifying states that they may waive the law’s requirement that welfare recipients must seek work to be eligible for benefits.

Arizona Politics for Conservatives: Sonoran Alliance | ICYMI: Jon Kyl Discusses President Obamas Push to Raise Taxes on Americans Business Owners

 “Republicans are not proposing any tax cuts for anyone.”

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead | Condi-Mitt?

Let’s face it: when it comes right down to it, nobody really likes leftovers — especially when they’re from the plate of George W. Bush. Which brings us to Condi Rice, rumored to be at the head of Mitt Romney’s list of candidates for Vice-President. Condi’s basic attractions for the Pachyderms in this era of identity politics are twofold: she’s a woman and she’s black

Blue Collar Muse | Bob Corker Misrepresented by Detractors on ObamaCare Repeal

The end justifies the means and all that … Matt Collins and the Tennessee Campaign 4 Liberty (TNC4L) are a prime example of political passion gone bad.  They are promoting a story designed to discredit Senator Corker.  The problem is, as is often the case with their shrill and negative missives … they are wrong.

Patriot’s Corner | Sharia Law Children’s Toys

Finally, it’s here! Words cannot describe the excitement.  It includes, “a wife beating stick, a noose for hanging gay people, and a freedom of speech gag …”

A Conservative Teacher | Republican Teachers Feel Harassed and Pressured at NEA Annual Convention

The National Education Association’s week long annual convention, paid for by union dues, turned into an (undocumented) campaign event for President Obama and that Republican teachers elected to this event were made to feel unwanted, unwelcome, and harassed.

I Don’t Get It | National Debt How Much is $15,800,000,000,000.00?

Writing $15.8 trillion instead of $15,800,000,000,000.00 really doesn’t convey the same thing, does it?

Ironic Surrealism | Breaking: 29 Year Old Obama Staffer Alex Okrent Dies After Collapsing At Chicago Campaign HQ

A 29-year-old campaign operative working on President Obama’s re-election effort died today after falling ill at campaign headquarters in Chicago.

Old Virginia Blog | Academia & Obama – Can You Connect The Dots?

I often marvel at the pseudo-intellectuals in academia and the blogosphere who publicly support Barack Obama and, at the same time, poo-poo (with a nervous laugh), Obama’s connection to radical Marxist ideology – not to mention academia’s own love affair with Marxism. I used to think they were in denial; now I just believe they’re lying. Anyway, they’re still hanging with both Obama and their ideology:
“. . . professors are maxing out in making political contributions to the incumbent Democratic president but a more interesting picture of higher education emerges when you look at for profit colleges. College faculty, administrators and others in higher education have donated more than $5.3-million to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race so far, Emma Roller and Andrea Fuller reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education on June 22, 2012. Roughly 81 percent of those donations have gone toward President Obamas re-election.

Political Realities | Border Patrol Stations To Be Closed By Obama Administration

Once again, we have proof that the Obama administration is not serious about containing the influx of illegal immigrants into America. The President talks out of both sides of his mouth, saying he wants to secure the border, but granting defacto amnesty to millions of young illegal immigrants. The true intentions of this administration are coming to light, as we are learning of their plans to close nine different Border Patrol stations.

The Bitter Americans | Where Should I Begin?

Let’s list just a few of the atrocities this administration has forced down our proverbial throats whether or not its constitutional.

  1. We’ll start with Barrack Husain Obamas key legistation..OBAMASCARE. First of all..Its not constitutional to tell a business how its going to run its own business much less tell an individual that he/she should be penalized for inactivity. Thats right, for the first time in history, you as a citizen are being forced to buy a service just because. NO REASONJUST BECAUSE! They can say what they want about everyone will need health insurance eventually but what about people who are well off enough to just pay as they go? They are being TAXED for inactivity! This alone should have you o.k. with firing the morons that voted for this monstrosity. Did I mention the death panels or forcing all of us to pay for the Muslims and Unions that are exempt from the TAX to begin with. I make sure and call it a TAX simply because itll be the IRS that collects the penalty fees if you dont purchase qualifying insurance. p.s. There really are death panels no matter what name you want to call themNEXT
  2. CAP AND TAX= WORLD REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH This idea has been around for quite some time but never had near as much traction as it does now. Somehow they think that if they TAX all the wealthier nations on the amount of CO2 and other green house gases they produce the rest of the world will be magically productive themselves. How many years have we been funding and feeding the world to no avail? We even pay countries to kill usi.e. Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, China, Korea, I really need to keep naming all the countries that hate us just because we got it right for a couple hundred years. Aint jealousy a bitch!
  3. Immigration is a touchy subject for just about anyone you talk to for a very simple reason. PITY! We feel sorry for people because their country sucks so horribly that they have to come here to be able to have a better life. While I do have a heart, I still have to follow the law so why is it o.k. for others not to? I also feel just a little responsibility to my fellow countrymen. WE CANT AFFORD ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for a number of reasons too extensive to list here. We cant afford LEGAL immigration either. TWO THIRDS of the students in medical schools are NOT American citizens. Not racist.just the truth! Now that the federal government is in the student loan businesswhen the illegal aliens are done with their degrees and move back to their own countries to practice and cant afford to pay back the student loans.guess who gets to flip that bill?????????? Do I even need to mention the healthcare issues on the recipient end? We, as Americans, OWE anyone who is breaking the law to get into this country EVEN LESS than we do our own citizens who break other laws. Why does the head of the justice department find it ok to threaten Texas against its own voter i.d. laws at a conference for La Rasa and the NAACP? And you call me a racist
  4. Allowing the United Nations to dictate what does and what does not happen in these sovereign United States is simply beyond belief. Global Tax should NEVER even cross the mind of a true American much less come out of their mouths as a great idea. Signing onto a United Nations enforced small arms treaty in itself should send chills up you spine. I really need to post more often.
  5. Sending the official counting of the American votes across the pond should never be a decision a sitting President should be allowed to do.
  6. FAST AND FURIOUS .When did we get into the gun running business anyway? I mean we cant even run a post office what makes you think we can efficiently keep up with a few thousand assault rifles? Oh yeah..could we dishonor our fallen law enforcement officers any more than this injustice?
  7. Black Panthers
  8. Accorn.REMEMBER THAT B.S.?
  9. Arizona! So much for sovereignty huh!
  11. JOBS or the lack there of! The federal government CAN NOT create jobs except through getting the hell out of the way and let the free market work it out.
  12. EPA
  13. NEA
  14. FCC
  15. Consorting with known dictators.
  17. EGYPT
  18. SYRIA
  19. IRAN
  20. IRAQ has now allied with IRAN BTW!

Classic Liberal Blog | McChrystal Wants Draft Reinstated

What a creep.  General McChrystal is again calling for complete government regimentation of every American.
[F]ormer US commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, has urged that the draft be reinstated to spread the burden of fighting and to instill a sense of shared civic duty among young Americans.

Godfather Politics | Food Stamps for Tattoos, Porn, Manicures, and Bail Money

There was a time when there were standards for getting food stamps (now EBT cards). The food stamp program was designed to help families with the necessities. You couldn’t buy anything you want with food stamps.

Doug Ross @ Journal | Sick: Obama and his minions promote dependency on government using taxpayer dollars and pop culture

Because that’s what this president does. As you may know, the Obama administration has spent millions promoting the benefits and availability of food stamps.

The Spanish-language radio ads composed a 10-part miniseries called “Hope Park.” In it, the characters were shown persistently trying to convince a character named “Diana” to go on food stamps — known these days as SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — even though her husband works and she doesn’t think she needs it.

“I don’t need help from anyone,” Diana says in Episode 4. “My husband makes enough to take care of us.”

But her friends are persistent, and by Episode 10 Diana is enrolled and singing the program’s praises.

The ads drew criticism at a time when one in seven are already enrolled.

The food stamp rolls have swelled since the recession, growing roughly 40 percent since 2009. As of April, more than 46 million people were in the program, which costs $80 billion a year.

The Lonely Conservative | Romney Calls Obamas Bain Attacks Beneath the Dignity of the Office

It appears that Romney is waking up to the fact that his opponent is really not a nice man, not at all. Here’s a quick roundup. Out of Control: “The president needs to take control of these people,” Romney said. “He ought to disavow it and rein in these people who are running out of control.” Romney added, “He sure as heck ought to say that he’s sorry for the kinds of attacks that are coming from his team.” Beneath the Dignity of the Presidency: “It’s ridiculous and of course beneath the dignity of the presidency and of his campaign. He really needs to rein in his team and to finally take responsibility for what they’re saying. This is really absurd,” Mitt Romney said about the Obama campaign accusing him of committing a felony and refusing to apologize.

The Other McCain | Occupy Mob Riots in L.A.

A crowd of Occupy protesters disrupted an “Art Walk” event Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles, throwing rocks and bottles at police. According to Fire Andrea Mitchell, 17 people were arrested and four police officers were injured.The Occupiers are, predictably, whining about “police brutality,” …

Bring in SWAT units with M5s and armored cars, maybe call in the Air National Guard to drop some napalm on these subversive Commie scumbags. If they want to whine about “police brutality,” give ‘em something to whine about!

Maggie’s Notebook | Occupy Movement: Roach Motel for Scum Principle of Lawlessness

Driving to Tulsa’s New Fresh market this morning, I heard Neal Boortz say that an Occupier decided to chain-open subway gates so that the 1% didn’t have to pay for their ride. Police arrived, broke the chain and took it to the lab. According to Boortz, DNA of the murderer of Sarah Fox in 2004 was found on the chain. After a commercial break, Boortz came back and said he had just received news that the DNA was contaminated in the lab. The story Stacy McCain wrote about the Occupy Movement and Ms. Fox, before the contaminated DNA was announced, still aptly goes to the bigger story of the Occupy Movement – “wretched” and “villainous” and decidedly criminal in ways you and I cannot comprehend. Jew-haters, commies, psychotics, rapists — The Occupy movement is like a roach-motel for scum.” ~ Robert Stacy McCain Beyond the tragic death of Sarah Fox, Stacy describes what crimes against humanity, of all types, means to you and me, and how the Occupy Movement embodies a certain principle, read it here, that some of us associate with the Obama administration (my words, not his).

Ana the Imp | My Name was William Kidd

It’s over three hundred years since Captain William Kidd was hanged.  He was by reputation one of the most notorious pirates who ever lived, of the Caribbean or any other of the seven seas.  Taken to Execution Dock in Wapping, he was hanged on 23 May, 1701, a particularly brutal event.  Twice the rope around his neck broke; the third time it held.

Afterwards, according to Admiralty custom, he was tied to a stake on the Thames Estuary to allow three tides to wash over him.  Not content with that, his bloated body was then dipped in tar and squeezed into an iron frame at Tilbury, there hanged anew as a warning to all future pirates.
The problem is William Kidd, for all the notoriety subsequently attached to his name, was not a pirate at all but a privateer, acting under licence at a time when Britain was at war with France.  That is to say, he was an official pirate, whose plundering of enemy merchants had the sanction of the authorities, themselves party to a contract that promised a lucrative return in loot.  In the end he was betrayed in a shabby act of duplicity by the very people who had sent him out in the first place.

Conservative Byte | Obamas Interior Department still going rogue

The Obama administrations loathsome cowboy, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, wont take no for an answer. Hes been smacked down repeatedly by federal courts for imposing a draconian, junk science-based moratorium on the oil and gas industry.

thesteadyconservative | The Intro

So begins the journey that I think I will title The Case Against Barack Obama and the Progressive Policies of the Democratic Party. It is a series of posts that hopefully will challenge Christians to re-evaluate why they vote the way they do.

WyBlog | [Guest post] Asymmetrical Polarization

It isn’t your imagination: Political polarization has risen sharply in recent years.

Today’s History Lesson | Operation Ladbrooke Gets Broke

The soldiers of Ladbrooke were to capture their target before it could be demolished, and hold it against German and Italian counterattacks.  Having done that, they would move into Syracuse and secure its docks, providing a key point of disembarkation for the Eighth Army.  Unfortunately for those soldiers, the results were an unmitigated disaster.  In his book The Day of Battle, Rick Atkinson writes that Ladbrooke “bore the signature traits of so many airborne operations in the Second World War:  poor judgment, dauntless valor, and a nonchalant disregard of men’s lives.“

SENTRY JOURNAL | Her name is Macee

I haven’t been able to post much lately because my hands have been full. We have added a new member to our family. Her name is Macee and she’s a 12 week old Boxer. We purchased her from a dog breeder in South Dakota and my wife met her sister half way between Rapid City and Minot to pick her up.


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