Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Obama’s Truths

In the lexicon of the left all truth is relative. You have your truth and I have mine. Obama obfuscates the record of his administration because doing so is necessary to win reelection. That’s Obama’s truth.

Former supporters of ObamaCare are shocked by the administration’s infringements on religious liberty and then shocked again at the president’s fallacious claim of accommodation. They believed him when he pledged exceptions for religious institutions. They didn’t understand that Obama’s truths are relative to his purposes.

The president claims insurance companies will offer free contraceptives and not incorporate the costs in premiums that religiously affiliated organizations pay. That’s Obama’s truth, too.

It has also recently been disclosed that the president’s party wants to set up a “reasonable profits board” to level taxes of between 50% to 102% on oil companies they designate as exceeding a “reasonable profit.” The board would be made up of three presidential nominees who would serve three-year terms. Unlike other bills setting up advisory boards, members of Congress will not be included nor will any industry representatives. The legislation states that members “shall have no financial interests in any of the businesses for which reasonable profits are determined by the Board.”

The revenue raised by the tax on “excess profits” (not defined) will be used to create transportation alternatives. Specifically, to fund a tax credit on the purchase of fuel-efficient cars and set up a grant program for mass transit.

It’s all perfectly logical.  If people will not voluntarily do what Obama wants them to do, they must be forced.  In September of 2008, Energy Secretary Steven Chu stated, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe to encourage consumers to sever their addiction to petroleum.”

They figured it out. Kill the Keystone pipeline; refuse to allow domestic drilling while claiming to have increased oil production. Then when gas is unaffordable the president can say that alternative energy is economical, more Obama truths.

Never mind the suffering of people struggling to pay their bills in a down economy. As Vladimir Lenin said, “If you want to make an omelet you must be willing to crack a few eggs.”

Arthur C. Brooks in a recent WSJ tribute to the late James Q. Wilson noted that Wilson used empirical research to confirm his belief that man is, at his core, a moral creature.  “Wilson believed our moral sense was a central fact of humanity and an utter refutation of modern relativism.”

Brooks wrote, “Wilson understood that the moral sense is what statist regimes crowd out with technocratic socialism—and why they ultimately deliver unhappiness.”

As President Obama and the Democratic Party seem willing to go to any length to prove, statist regimes also destroy liberty and individual responsibility, as they bankrupt nations.

The Founders, without benefit of social science, understood that without a moral citizenry, the nation they created would not survive. We don’t require additional verification to know relativism’s consequences.

We are getting a demonstration in real time.









1 Sherman Broder { 03.08.12 at 10:09 am }

Fantastic post.

It is my firm belief that nothing is more important in this day and age than declaring there is truth, and then separating that truth from lies. As you say, we are currently ruled by an administration that believes “truth is relative.” Moreover, it believes that the end justifies the means. The worst thing about this potent combination is that it allows our political enemies to destroy our freedom and our lives with the sincerity of a clear conscience.


2 Marcia { 03.08.12 at 11:21 am }

Perhaps an even greater problem for the future of the republic is that the media does not expose the lies but disseminates them as though they were true, compounding the assault on our freedom. The late Andrew Breitbart was right about exposing the lies whenever and where ever we can. As Bill Whittle says on a recent PJ-TV video. We must all pick up that flag.


3 LD Jackson { 03.10.12 at 11:04 am }

If there is one thing I have learned during the three years Obama has been in office, it is that the heart of your post, the “truths” he tells every day, are nothing but lies used to spread his agenda. For people like you and me, it is as evident as the sun in the sky, but so many people take him at his word, that’s why he won in such a big fashion in 2008. I hope these “truths” are exposed enough to slam the brakes on his reelection bid. We can not afford another four years of Barack Obama.


Marcia Reply:

It is difficult to understand how his approval rating is still around 49%. How can so many be so disconnected from reality? What does it take to make the blinkered see?


LD Jackson Reply:

The majority of voters seem to have blinders on, when it comes to Barack Obama. That’s how he was elected, mainly because so many people wanted to have a black president. There is nothing wrong with having a black president, but they should have chosen someone else. They have let that desire blind them to the things he has done and continues to do.


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