Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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I have been doing a lot of thinking about the path that we are headed down.  For years I have stuck my head in the sand, avoided the news, avoided talk radio, and listened to books on tape during my commute to and from work.  I confined most of my reading to fiction and tried not to think about what was happening around me.

Then things went from a slow slide downhill at maybe a 30° angle to an 80° steep decline on a greased track.  We’ve been headed in the wrong direction for a long time.  Things just accelerated exponentially in the past year.

I’ve been selfish.  I’ve been lazy.  I’ve been trying to hang on to the benefits of liberty without being willing to stand up for them.  I’ve been scared (some might say paranoid – but I don’t think so).  I didn’t want to lose what I have.

Then suddenly I realized … it’s inevitable, my freedom is in dire jeopardy.  The country my kids will live in as adults will not the same one I looked forward to.  I can fight it, or I can let it happen.  It may happen anyway.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

I’d like to be good man who does what he can to stand up for what’s right.  Just voting isn’t enough – especially if there is no one to vote for.

The first step for me is this blog.  I’ve read some things about America’s founding fathers and I’m going to read more.  I’ll use this space as a forum to talk about what I learn and I’ll try to apply it to what’s going on today.  Maybe someone will stumble across this and share their thoughts too.  We’ll see.

For my part, I’ll try to avoid talking points.  I’ll  avoid regurgitating what I hear from pundits.  Instead I’m going to try to look at things in the context of what I read about our founders, what they thought, what they sacrificed, and what they did.

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1 erich { 01.16.10 at 5:06 pm }

If I had to devise a mission statement for this blog, it would be to encourage an interest on the part of citizens to find the wonder in what our founders accomplished and what they bequeathed to the world. A world immeasurably improved. A world in which countless millions of lives were and are saved. To provide a standard upon which to evaluate the demagoguery and measure the character of our current leaders against that standard. To find direction in the principles that drove these men and apply them to our own lives.


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