Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Interesting Stuff …

We don’t always have as much time to write on the weekends, but I ran across some pretty interesting things this week.  I’ll admit I’m not as proficient at the link blog stuff as my friends at:

Let me just say these folks are all excellent in different ways.  They all feature some stuff very well on the Link editions.  They’re all nice people and have even been generous enough to feature WWTFT content upon occasion.  I won’t promise that what I have to share below is on par with “Sunday at the Links”, but here are some things that I liked.

The first item on the list I happened upon was Don’t Give Up The Ship because he happened upon us!  It is a three part series on Abraham Lincoln and his motivations.  All I can say is: Wow!

Then there was this excellent piece on Blog4History entitled:

Isolationism, The Myth of the Founders?

These guys are professional historians.  Chris teaches history to high school students.  Lucky kids!

Over at American Revolution and Founding Era, Brian Tubbs asks the question, What if Washington had never been born? He makes a persuasive case that:

Remove George Washington from history and you remove quite possibly the very existence of the United States of America and most certainly its nature and identity as the world’s leading superpower and the greatest republic the world has ever known.

I think he’s dead on.

Jason Pappas over at American Creation, has a very philosophical post entitled Endowed by Their Creator, in which he explores the connection between John Locke and the Declaration of Independence.  He explores the Founders’ choice of words:

If the Founding Father meant “God” why didn’t they just use the “G” word?  Along with the phrase “Nature’s God” it leads some to assume this is a Deist or Stoic document.

It’s worth reading.

In the obscure history category, we have this article about the “southern Paul Revere”at The American Revolution Blog.

… despite his historical obscurity, [Francis] Salvador’s story is worthy of our attention, for it is a story of faith, patriotism and sacrifice.

In the spirit of what this site was originally named for, the guys over at Sentry Journal point out that the legislators on the lamb in Wisconsin aren’t playing by the rules.

When the founders started us off on our journey as a Constitutional Republic in 1787, it was an experiment on whether a people could govern themselves. When our constitution was crafted, the founders sought to establish a limited federal government with limited powers. The constitution purposely delegated most of the powers of governance to the states because it was the states that could best address the concerns of their citizens and not some out of touch bureaucracy 1,000s of miles away. They understood that the states were in a better position to be responsive to the needs of their citizens. This concept is known as federalism; a partnership between the states and federal government.The Federal government would coin money, promote foreign policy, regulate interstate commerce, provide for the common defense of all states, and a limited number of other tasks while the states would handle all other matters and concerns that impacted their citizens on a localized level. This is basically how it’s supposed to work in America. The problem is since the early 1900s our system has been assaulted by the progressive left and it has become an unresponsive, ineffective, overbearing, soft tyranny. The events of the past week with the Democrats fleeing their states in Wisconsin and Indiana are further eroding and undermining a system that is already on life support.more

Political Realities blog added a FANTASTIC author recently from The Country Thinker who posted,

Day-After-President’s Day Forum: Who Was the Best President—and Why?

I won’t spoil it for you, but there is quite a bit of discussion as to the who was numero uno … and who is in dead last.  I even voiced my votes there.

Speaking of the worst president of all time, our favorite robot over at MNR isn’t shy about his opinions on his post Some Call it Treason and neither is Bob Mack over at Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead in his posts Passing the Torch and Sure He’s Ruining The Country…But He Has Such A Nice Smile.

I hope you enjoy these articles, I did.


1 John Carey { 02.26.11 at 6:56 am }

Thanks for the link and mention Martin. It is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work you guys are doing here. We need to make every effort to reintroduce Americans to those remarkable folks we call our founders. Maybe if people learn who they were, then once again we can get back on the path towards liberty, self governance, free markets, and the pursuit of happiness. You guys are doing a great job.


Martin Reply:

The link was my pleasure. Sentry Journal is a great site and one I’m proud to be linked to.


2 robot { 02.26.11 at 8:50 am }

Hi Martin. Thanks for the kind words and the link! God bless.


Martin Reply:

In the words of someone you admire: “You betcha!”


3 Bob Mack { 02.26.11 at 8:41 pm }

Thanks for the link, Martin, and now I’m off to read your latest post & to visit the recommended sites.


4 Martin { 02.26.11 at 10:05 pm }

You are very welcome. I follow “Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead” assiduously. 🙂


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