Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Gunston Hall

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Gunston Hall is a beautiful place to visit.  The docents and caretakers are fiercely protective of their forgotten and under-appreciated Founding Father.  Gunston Hall is every bit as grand and magnificent as Monticello, Mount Vernon, and even rivals Montpelier (my favorite).  Yet, because it’s original builder and proprietor, George Mason, is largely overlooked by modern-day Founder fans, Gunston Hall does not receive the traffic that the aforementioned sites do.  It’s a well-kept secret.  Tours are much more leisurely and personal at Gunston Hall.  Thousands of people each day visit Mount Vernon (which is spectacular), but at Gunston Hall the crowds are much, much smaller.  What a find!  Our guide Jackie LaRaia clearly knows her history and loves her job.   She was pleased to answer our questions and even consented to share a sample of her knowledge in the video below:

Gunston Hall - May 2011

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1 Publius { 05.23.11 at 2:31 pm }

There are a few factual errors in the above. Just to point out a few. There is no proof that George Mason I was involved in the English Civil War. The acreage of George Mason IV’s inheritance was in the 15-18,000 acre range. There is no documentation to indicate anything about the marriages of George Mason, loving or companionship or whatever.

See Lorton Patch and Mount Vernon Voice about how poorly this site is being managed. It is a shame because it could be so much more……


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