Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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For the Record

Since its my brother, I have to weigh in. (If you have seen either of us, then you will realize that I chose that word wisely.)

I think the fundamental accomplishment of the propaganda ministry on the left, has been the steady stream of vitriole, directed at besmirching the reputations and character of those who led this country in its early days.

It is incumbent on the left to dismantle any esteem with which those early leaders are held, in order to make the left’s central point: The Constitution was written by aristocratic, ruling class slaveowners who were only interested in their own aggrandizement on the backs of the poor and disenfranchised. The so-called founding fathers (patriarchal and oppressive) are hypocrites and worse.

Why is this necessary to accomplish? Because by trampling their reputations, they can make the case that what flowed from these men was equally flawed. We cannot hold the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution in high regard, or the ideas of independence, if they flowed from corrupt men with corrupt agendas.

American History in the view of the left, is a long struggle of the working class against their oppressive and hypocritical masters. All the more pungent because they were also Christians.

This inexorable drip, drip, drip of misinformation has slowly seeped into school textbooks, PBS and History Channel “documentaries”, Hollywood, and of course that never ending source of truth and light, the American Media. By now more people know the name of Sally Hemings* than many of the names of our Presidents. Innuendo not fact, but if it suits the purpose of knocking down the founders, then the truth be damned.

And the truth is sorely needed. You see, the problem is that when confronted by a chorus of lies, its hard for most of us to keep our minds straight. Forget the fact that it is the same lie repeated endlessly by a chorus of miscreants. Its the speed and breadth of how effectively the lie is replicated. I might have the definitive and documented evidence of what the truth actually is, but I have to go about the impossible process of getting it entered alongside each and every spot where the lie has been painted. And that is the problem. One lie countered by one truth is not the equation.

So here is another voice. Add another thousandth of one percent to the chorus. Hopeless? Not if you believe that this battle will eventually be won because its the right battle. And because God has something to say about evil. And He will eventually say it.

And in the final analysis, that’s what the founders believed too. They put their money and their lives on it.

And that is where we must put ours.

(*For the most recent book encompassing excellent historical research including DNA review and presented in a Courtroom setting, try here, and read the reviews, read the book, and make up your own mind.)

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1 martin { 01.16.10 at 12:17 am }

The Right have to be perfect because they stand on moral principles. The Left make no pretext of caring about such things unless as an opportunity to use morale hypocrisy to invalidate someone. Unfortunately, if there isn’t an actual peccadillo handy, they’ll just make one up. The clever (devious) use of a doubtful, unproven scandal has usurped the the historical focus from the accomplishments of the founders. The Left is only too happy to tar all of the founders with these allegations.


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