Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Climate march of the tyrants

Lucky for most of us, the recent People’s Climate March skipped most of the world and settled in Manhattan and a few other places. There the climate change groupies performed, as they normally do, a parody of themselves.

AlGore_footprintThere in the crowd was Al Gore, whose carbon footprint is so big it makes Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23s look a bit like a toddler’s shoe. The only thing bigger than Gore’s carbon footprint is his wallet. If there’s a buck to be made in climate change alarmism, you can bet Gore will be holding the ticket to go first. Surely, anyone who unleashed Al Jazeera America on us deserves that privilege, right?

Also in the crowd was Leonardo DiCaprio. Many of us were certainly disappointed to learn that his yacht was powered by fossil fuel. I thought for sure it was fueled merely by pouty Leonardo glances. Those do seem to be in abundance and I figured he would have found a way to harvest those into fuel. I’m sure a raised eyebrow or a sullen look from Leonardo would be enough to power Martha’s Vineyard for most of the summer season.

Maybe if director Martin Scorsese worked with DiCaprio a little more. “C’mon, Leo, baby! Give me that pouty look one more time. We’re almost to Barbados, but we’re running on fumes!”

Apparently not in attendance was Secretary of State John Kerry. Yet Kerry managed to make news anyway by stating that climate change was just like ISIS. Apparently, by that he means that climate change is not Islamic either. Rather, climate change is non-denominational. However, I’m pretty sure that climate change has not decapitated any journalists, even in the middle of July.

In one respect, Kerry may be on to something. Like ISIS, which can’t really settle on a name, the climate crowd can’t settle on a name either.   First, it was global warming, then climate change, and now it’s climate disruption. Maybe next it will be “climate stuff that really has nothing to do with DiCaprio’s yacht.” Granted, it’s a bit cumbersome, but he could sell it. C’mon, Leo, baby!

Interestingly, the People’s Climate March looked virtually indistinguishable from the Occupy Wall Street crowd, except that they left trash over a much wider swath of Manhattan. The ne’er-do-well extreme leftists of the Occupy crowd at least limited their trash – and their bodily functions – to the Zucatti Park area. (New York City 2012 tourism slogan: Zucatti Park – You’re defecation destination!) Whereas the ne’er-do-wells of climate crowd managed to leave their latte cups  over the entire march rout.

It’s okay, though, New Yorkers are used to a lot of garbage. Have you seen the Knicks roster the last couple of seasons?

There was the usual band of misfits, the jugglers, the unicyclists, and bad sign makers. I was certainly entertained by the young blonde woman with a lovely smile holding a sign that stated she was marching for “Full Communism.” Presumably, it slipped her mind that smiling, i.e. an expression of joy or elation, is not an acceptable emotion under communism. Further, if “Full Communism” were to be enacted next week, she would be attending her final march for anything.

It’s good to see a crowd so invested in the environmentalist cause – while carrying iPads and iPhones and wearing $180 pairs of Oakleys and Beats headphones. Perhaps, the crowd should have been marching to stamp out irony. That would have been pretty hard, I guess, as that seemed to be in no short supply.

Prior to the march, a left-leaning internet site asked a number of, ahem, “leading” climate scientists if they would be attending the People’s Climate March. Some responses:

“Yes. I live there anyway. I’ll be marching all the way to my favorite breakfast hangout.”

“No, but I advised on a satellite march in Kingman, Arizona. A crowd of five is expected.”

“No. I’ll be attending a conference with my legal team deciding who to sue next. For some reason, some people don’t realize how important I am. I sue people like that.”

“Can’t make it. I’ll be waxing my cat. But I’m thrilled it’s going on. My cat wishes I was attending.”

“No. I made an explicit decision not to leave my house until the temperature is 78 degrees everywhere in the world.”

Fortunately, also in attendance at the march was Robert Kennedy, Jr., who recently expressed disappointment that those who disagreed with him on climate change could not be jailed. I wonder if he ran into the young “Full Communism” blonde from an earlier paragraph as they seemed to be on the same page ideologically. Given the Kennedy family propensity for young blondes, I’d say it was a certainty.

Curtice Mang is the author of the two books, including the new book, The Smell of Politics: The Good, The Bad, and the Odorous. He can be contacted at, where one can also purchase his books; or contact Curtice at mangwrites at


1 George Archibald { 09.29.14 at 2:15 pm }

I recommend that this unique web site “What Would the Founders Think?” stay away routine fringe issues like “climate change” and stick to matters regarding preservation and extension of liberty, our constitutional rights and economic freedoms, which are natural extensions of the impetus for WWTFT. Trying to “one-up” liberal-left ideologues with “clever” or sarcastic commentaries and essays cheapens and devalues your uniqueness as a worthy forum for conversation about ideas that truly have consequences. We already have this boring “same-old-same-old” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et cetera. Please save us from yet more sophomoric gibberish. Just a suggestion.


Curtice Mang Reply:

Allow me to agree with you that this is indeed a unique website. However, I take offense at the term “sophmoric” gibberish, as my gibberish has not yet attained such lofty heights to be deemed “sophmoric.” Certainly, someone has to lower the standards of this site – as frequent contributors Martin and Marcia are not up to that task. I alone must take on that responsibility. A final point, climate change is not a fringe issue if the climate cops are successful at foisting their agenda on the rest of us to the point of reducing our liberty, constitutional rights and freedoms. Allow “clever” and “sophmoric” gibberish to stand in the way between tyranny and liberty!


2 George Archibald { 09.29.14 at 4:44 pm }

You misunderstood my reference to “sophomoric gibberish,” which referred to what we find so much on Facebook, etc., not what you wrote. The rest of my suggestion stands. If you want to turn WWTFT? into another general rant on everyday left-right issues, I believe you’ll lose readers. I shall certainly pass you by unless I see Marcia’s name on the byline, and already have to zap 85 percent of what arrives in my inbox each day anyway.
George Archibald


Curtice Mang Reply:

Fair enough and my apologies if I misconstrued any of your comments. Please note that I am merely a contributor to this site and have no control over content, other than my own contributions. Feel free to ignore any of my posts (fortunately, we still have the right to ignore that which we choose to ignore). However, I would encourage you to continue to read Martin, Marcia and others here as their contributions are always well-reasoned and well-written.


3 Marcia { 09.30.14 at 8:55 pm }

Good Heavens George,what happened to your sense of humor? The condition of the nation is dreadful. We are grateful to Curtice for drawing a bead on the climate clowns and other leftist loonies. Even serious people need to laugh now and then.


4 Mark { 10.08.14 at 12:42 pm }

That’s a good job of criticizing the people who want clean air and clean water, but you left out something. Evidence that climate change is not real. If you can’t prove yourself, if you cannot provide evidence, then sink to the level of disparagement, that’s what desperate people do.


Martin Reply:

Prove you aren’t beating your wife. It would seem that the burden of proof should be on those that claim that man is affecting climate. That’s the problem with people that shroud themselves behind the mantle of science, they expect everyone to accede to their claims, just because they so.

Unfortunately, these self same people wield a lot of power in the media and government and do a pretty good job of squelching dissenting voices – even those from reputable scientists, of which there are many who aren’t buying what the global warming, er climate change folks are selling. (Like those who claim that earthquakes are caused by the weather.)

What we do know is that these people have demonstrated a propensity to lie and twist facts to support their theories. The refrain “the science is settled” is offered as a replacement for peer-review. It has now become heretical to question the facts. Woe be to those who dare to question the dogma:


Curtice Mang Reply:

As Martin correctly points out, the burden of proof should reside with those who claim global warming is a) real and b) the result of man’s activities. Climate science is highly complex, containing a tremendous amount of variables whose impacts are not fully understood. Reliance on computer models that, for example, failed to predict the current 18 years of no global warming suggests that maybe the science isn’t quite settled.

And if you want disparagement, try being someone in the scientific community who takes a contrarian view from oh, say, Michael Mann. He and his ilk have turned disparagement of those who disagree into a true art form. Or RFK, Jr. ,who really does think that those who disagree should be jailed. I suggest the desperation resides on that side.

As for me, I’ll continue to poke fun at Leo and his yacht and anyone who smiles while marching for full communism.


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