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CD Review: Astronaut

Review of: Astronaut
Kip Fox

Reviewed by:
On July 12, 2014
Last modified:April 26, 2014


Astronaut is a very pleasant CD to listen to. It is a very strong both thematically and musically, and of considerably higher quality than much of what is on the radio. If caliber and talent mean anything, Fox seems destined for success.

Kip Fox is a local musician here in Arizona. Kip Fox's AstronautHe was a guest on the now defunct Arizona Music Café radio show a few year’s back. He plays in some local restaurants, and has been doing some song-writing in Nashville.

Astronaut is a very pleasant CD to listen to.   Heart That You Broke  (see below) is just the kind of  angst-filled (but good) song that would be popular, were it to get some air play.  The lyrics aren’t super simplistic, and the tune is catchy – especially the chorus.  The rest of the CD is very strong too.   This guy seems destined to “make it” (whatever that means).  Astronaut is of considerably higher quality than much of what is on the radio and features impressive production quality.

How to categorize it? – perhaps kind of James Taylor/Marc Cohn sound.   This reviewer would not be surprised if Kip Fox eventually becomes very well known.


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1 Erich { 07.12.14 at 8:11 am }

As the former host of the above named AZ MUSIC CAFE radio show, I had Kip on as a guest on several occasions. He is not only a stellar songwriter, but a fine entertainer as well. We had over 300 local guests and talent on the program from all over Arizona, and Kip was the best of the bunch. His CD Astronaut gets attention every where it is played and people can’t believe he hasn’t cracked the pop ceiling. His songs play in your head long after the music stops. Buy the CD just as a treat for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Its “out of this world”. (Had to do that……)


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