Today's Politicos vs The Words and Deeds of The Founders
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Benghazi Limbo

The Limbo dance was very popular some years ago, it entails a series of steps culminating in dancers going under a stick single file without touching the stick or the floor.  Those who do are eliminated. The stick is gradually lowered until only one dancer remains. Spectators call out “How low can you go?”

As for the Benghazi Limbo, it too, has choreography.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice officially informed the American people that the attack on the consulate in Benghazi was caused by an anti-Muslim video produced in the US and posted on the Internet. She was adamant that there was no evidence of terrorist activity. Yet, according to Senator Saxby Chambliss, top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, “”She knew at that point in time that al Qaeda was very likely responsible in part or in whole for the death of Ambassador Stevens.”

That the attack took place on the 11th anniversary of 9/11/ was dismissed as purely coincidental, as was the fact that the election was less than 2 months off and the president had repeatedly bragged about the demise of Bin Laden and claimed that al Qaeda was dead, too.

Except it wasn’t. Ambassador Stevens and others had been reporting increased terrorist activity and begging for additional security, which was not only refused but a Special Forces detachment of 16 men was withdrawn. Secretary of State Clinton said she was responsible for the decision regarding security, but she must not have meant it because she went off to Peru and has not been available to testify to anything beside the weather wherever it is she is hiding, er staying.

Why the Red Cross and the British thought the danger was so high that they closed their facilities and ordered their personnel to leave, but the US State Department did not think additional security was necessary has never been explained.

(Four-to-six-hour1) Vice President Joe Biden said during the second debate that the White House did not know that help had been requested. President Obama gave one of his non-answer answers and said he gave orders to send help “as soon as he knew of the request.” Incidentally, no evidence has been presented that an order was given other than maybe for room service in Las Vegas.

According to General Petraeus’s testimony before Congress, the CIA watched the attack as it was taking place and knew almost immediately that it was an al Qaeda affiliated terrorist attack. Petraeus said the CIA provided that information, but that reference to “al Qaeda involvement” was stripped from his agency’s assessment. He does not know which agency was responsible for the alteration.

Congressional Democrats are doing their best to downplay the contradiction between the former CIA Director’s testimony and what Ambassador Rice told the American people five days later and Obama said at the UN on September

Congressional Republicans are demanding to know who knew what, when, reasons for the decisions that were made and who altered the CIA assessment. Reportedly, all the agencies present at the congressional hearings denied having
done so. (One question no one seems to be asking is why rescued consulate staff members have not been interviewed and their accounts made public.)

It seems obvious that the President had to be directly involved in whatever decisions were made. He is the only dancer left. Either he declined to give the order in time to avoid the tragedy or he gave the order, but it was not carried out.

At this writing, President Obama is still doing the Benghazi Limbo. The “how low can you go” question has yet to be answered.



1“You all saw the man that I have sat with every day, on average four to six hours a day,  A man of principle, a man of gumption, a man with a steady hand and a clear vision.” Joe Biden at a campaign rally in Co.


1 Bill { 11.20.12 at 9:23 am }

I think the graphic pretty much sums it up… Nixon was impeached for less.


2 Jim at Conservatives on Fire { 11.20.12 at 1:27 pm }

am totally frustrated by the things the media and the Congressional ivestigations are focused on : why the lies about the video, what the president knew and when did he know it, who removed words from the General’s talking point memo. All these things are important but they are also a distraction from the real potentially impeachable crimes being commited by this administration. The real dirt we need to uncover is what was going on in Libya and Benghazi by our goveernment in the months prior to the attack. That, in my opinion, is what the cover up is all about.


3 Marcia { 11.20.12 at 2:02 pm }

The problem is so much that is nefarious is occurring that it is impossible to keep track: Executive orders, clandestine activities here and abroad, US support for maneuvers within the UN, not to mention the approaching financial disaster. Evil has no limits.


4 madmemere { 11.22.12 at 1:19 am }

Doesn’t anyone find it “strange” that, the very next day, we were informed via national tv newscasts, that ansar al-sharia had already taken responsibility for the attack. Irregardless, a “sudden, un-co-ordinated (spontaneous) by an “unruly crowd” would NOT have had the ability to employ shoulder-fired rockets, grenade launchers and “other heavy weapons” that were on “full display” here – -“thanks to” the presence of the overhead drone- -telecasting the event in “real time”! The same drone that was telecasting the events, to the White House situation room, also in “real time”, when the presidential impostor decided “he was going to bed” – -because he had a “big fund-raiser, in Vegas, the next day”! There was no order, from him to “assist” – -there would be a “paper hard copy”; the only orders from him (3 times) were to “stand down”!! According to “expert military”- -a “stand down order” come from the “top of the command chain” – -can you say “oval office”??


madmemere Reply:

sorry for typos- -my fingers continue to “stutter” when I become this “agitated” – -that should have read “sudden, un-co-ordinated (spontaneous) attack” by – –


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